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Environment Sep 16, 2022

Plastic garbage covers Central American rivers, lakes and beaches

A blanket of multi-colored plastic waste flowing in from tributaries covers Lake Suchitlan in El Salvador.

Environment Sep 03, 2022

Californians asked to conserve power amid brutal heat wave

Californians sweltering in the West's lengthening heat wave were asked to reduce air conditioning and cut other electricity use again during critical hours Friday and again Saturday to prevent stress on the state's electrical ...

Plants & Animals Aug 30, 2022

Researchers shed new light on gopher tortoises

Gopher tortoises are a critical part of the Florida landscape.

Evolution Jul 19, 2022

Discovery of lonely tortoise doubles known members of 'phantasticus' species

The discovery in 2019 of a lone small female tortoise living on one of the most inaccessible islands of the Galapagos Islands has baffled evolutionary biologists. Only one other tortoise, a large male discovered in 1906, ...

Plants & Animals Jul 11, 2022

New hawk moth species are among the smallest ever discovered

Hawk moths are known for being some of the largest night fliers in the insect world. With wingspans of more than four inches, many species are big enough to comfortably fill the palm of your hand. Thanks to the work of a ...

Plants & Animals Jul 05, 2022

Saving Florida's gopher tortoises: Group rescues reptiles from death by development

Though gopher tortoises have persisted for millions of years, they now face a barrage of threats from loss of habitat and developers with permits that allow the reptiles to be buried alive.

Plants & Animals Jul 05, 2022

Europe's most recent fossil of giant tortoise discovered

An international team of scientists, including Uwe Fritz and Christian Kehlmaier from Senckenberg, has made an astonishing discovery in the Zubbio di Cozzo San Pietro cave in Sicily, a burial site from the Copper/Bronze Age: ...

Archaeology Jun 24, 2022

Tortoise and her egg found in new Pompeii excavations

Archaeologists in Pompeii have discovered the remains of a pregnant tortoise that had sought refuge in the ruins of a home destroyed by an earthquake in 62 AD, only to be covered by volcanic ash and rock when Mount Vesuvius ...

Plants & Animals Jun 24, 2022

We helped track 77 species for up to 60 years to try to reveal the secrets of long life. Some don't seem to age at all

Ever wondered about the secret to a long life? Perhaps understanding the lifespans of other animals with backbones (or "vertebrates") might help us unlock this mystery.

Plants & Animals Jun 23, 2022

Secrets of aging revealed in largest study on longevity, aging in reptiles and amphibians

At 190 years old, Jonathan the Seychelles giant tortoise recently made news for being the "oldest living land animal in the world." Although, anecdotal evidence like this exists that some species of turtles and other ectotherms—or ...

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