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Earth Sciences Jun 17, 2022

Grain size of rocks in Earth's mantle affects tectonics

The planet is shaped by forces deep within its interior. These push the plates of the Earth's crust against each other, causing mountains and volcanoes to form along the collision zones. But when reconstructing what exactly ...

Earth Sciences Jun 14, 2022

Tectonics of convergent plate margins: New insights into continental geology

A study led by Prof. Yong-Fei Zheng at University of Science and Technology of China focused on the development of tectonic processes along convergent plate margins through inspection of recent advances in the fields of geology, ...

Earth Sciences Jun 02, 2022

Which forces control the elevation of mountains?

Scientists have come up with a new classification scheme for mountain belts that uses just a single number to describe whether the elevation of the mountain belt is controlled mainly by weathering and erosion or by properties ...

Earth Sciences May 13, 2022

Mapping heat flow beneath Greenland highlights geothermal 'freak zone'

In our understanding of global geothermal heat flow, Greenland and the surrounding ocean floor has effectively been a blind spot. Now, scientist have dug up all available and somewhat unavailable heat flow data, creating ...

Earth Sciences Feb 28, 2022

Seismic study reveals key reason why Patagonia is rising as glaciers melt

The icefields that stretch for hundreds of miles atop the Andes mountain range in Chile and Argentina are melting at some of the fastest rates on the planet. The ground that was beneath this ice is also shifting and rising ...

Earth Sciences Feb 16, 2022

How does a major subduction zone get started? It may begin small

One longstanding enigma in geology is how one tectonic plate can break Earth's rock-hard shell and begin diving under another in the process known as subduction.

Planetary Sciences Feb 01, 2022

Clues to Pluto's history lie in its faults

The world first glimpsed Pluto up close when NASA's New Horizons spacecraft whizzed by it in July 2015. One of the most exciting discoveries scientists made based on New Horizons data was that Pluto, despite orbiting at more ...

Planetary Sciences Jan 21, 2022

Tug of sun, moon could be driving plate motions on 'imbalanced' Earth

A study led by geophysicist Anne M. Hofmeister in Arts & Sciences at Washington University in St. Louis proposes that imbalanced forces and torques in the Earth-moon-sun system drive circulation of the whole mantle.

Earth Sciences Jan 20, 2022

Mount Etna's exceptional carbon dioxide emissions are triggered by deep reservoirs of the gas

The transport of carbon dioxide stored in the Earth's lithospheric mantle beneath the Hyblean Plateau in southern Italy at a depth of approximately 50 to 150 kilometers is responsible for the exceptionally large CO2 emission ...

Earth Sciences Jan 05, 2022

Geoscience expert to study why continents break apart where magma is missing

The Earth's surface is ever incrementally moving and changing shape, breaking apart and forming new land masses and oceans. In the billions of years of history of planet Earth there have been 10 supercontinents, the most ...

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