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Evolution 14 hours ago

Hominid prenatal growth rates found to have increased after lineage split from chimps

A combined team of researchers from Western Washington University and the University of California, Berkeley, has found evidence indicating that the human linage that split from chimps underwent an increase in prenatal growth ...

Other Oct 03, 2022

Sweden's Paabo wins medicine Nobel for sequencing Neanderthal DNA

Swedish paleogeneticist Svante Paabo, who sequenced the genome of the Neanderthal and discovered the previously unknown hominin Denisova, on Monday won the Nobel Medicine Prize.

Plants & Animals Sep 30, 2022

Study reports first evidence of social relationships between chimpanzees and gorillas

A long-term study led by primatologist Crickette Sanz at Washington University in St. Louis reveals the first evidence of lasting social relationships between chimpanzees and gorillas in the wild.

Plants & Animals Sep 29, 2022

Arguing over meat, finding comfort with friends: The emotions of the great apes

With the aid of thermal imaging cameras, scientists have delved a little deeper into chimpanzee psychology. Their apparatus measured the primates' stress levels during mealtimes in the depths of the Ugandan jungle.

Plants & Animals Sep 28, 2022

Oldest chimp from renown Guinean group dies

Guinea's oldest chimpanzee and one of the last members of a globally famous endangered community has died in solitude around the age of 71, the environment ministry said.

Plants & Animals Sep 26, 2022

Family ties give animals reasons to 'help or harm' as they age

The structure of family groups gives animals an incentive to help or harm their social group as they age, new research shows.

Evolution Sep 22, 2022

Six recent discoveries that have changed how we think about human origins

Scientific study of human evolution historically reassured us of a comforting order to things. It has painted humans as as cleverer, more intellectual and caring than our ancestral predecessors.

Plants & Animals Sep 20, 2022

Researchers identify a variety of chimpanzee stone tools for cracking different nut species

During fieldwork aimed at documenting the stone tool use of a group of wild chimpanzees in the Taï Forest in Cote d'Ivoire in early 2022, the researchers identified and 3D-scanned a variety of stone tools used to crack different ...

Plants & Animals Sep 17, 2022

An arms race over food waste: Sydney cockatoos are still opening curbside bins, despite our best efforts to stop them

Bloody hell! That cockatoo just opened my bin, and it's eating my leftover pizza. We can't have that, I'll put a rock on the lid to stop it opening the bin. Problem solved…?

Evolution Sep 15, 2022

Paleontologists reveal new data on the evolution of the hominid cranium

A new research conducted by two paleontologists at the University of Malaga has just revealed that human evolution uniquely combines an increase in brain size with the acquisition of an increasingly juvenile cranial shape.

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