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Plants & Animals Nov 23, 2023

Good neighbors: Bonobo study offers clues into early human alliances

Human society is founded on our ability to cooperate with others beyond our immediate family and social groups.

Evolution Nov 21, 2023

Giving thanks isn't just a holiday tradition. It's part of how humans evolved

It's the season of giving thanks—and it turns out humans have been doing it for a long, long time.

Other Nov 18, 2023

Saturday Citations: Bronze-Age gender representation, gamma rays, nice bonobos in your neighborhood want to meet you

This week's news roundup includes a Bronze Age discovery that calls into question existing ideas of gender representation from the period. More research confirms that bonobos are actually nice. Plus: Actual good climate news?

Plants & Animals Nov 17, 2023

'Fishing' chimpanzees found to enjoy termites as a seasonal treat

The discovery that chimpanzees use tools to fish for termites revolutionized our understanding of their abilities—but we still don't have crucial context to help us understand termite fishing and chimpanzee minds. Are chimpanzees ...

Plants & Animals Nov 16, 2023

Love thy neighbor: Cooperation extends beyond one's own group in wild bonobos

A study published in Science challenges the notion that only humans are capable of forming strong and strategic cooperative relationships and sharing resources across non-family groups.

Plants & Animals Nov 14, 2023

Increased threat of conflict enhances mongoose pup survival: Study challenges long-held belief on reproductive success

Animal offspring may survive better when their groups are in greater conflict with rival factions, research from the University of Bristol has shown for the first time.

Plants & Animals Nov 2, 2023

Chimpanzees use hilltops to conduct reconnaissance on rival groups

Chimpanzees use high ground to conduct reconnaissance on rival groups, often before making forays into enemy territory at times when there is reduced risk of confrontation, a new study suggests.

Plants & Animals Oct 29, 2023

Grandma chimps offer clues for evolution of menopause in humans

Humans and some whales are the only known species in which females live long after they stop being able to reproduce.

Plants & Animals Oct 26, 2023

Researchers find first proof of menopause in wild chimpanzees

A team of researchers studying the Ngogo community of wild chimpanzees in western Uganda's Kibale National Park for two decades has published a report in Science showing that females in this population can experience menopause ...

Environment Oct 18, 2023

Research tracking map shows wildlife polluted by flame retardants on massive scale

More than 150 species of wild animals across every continent are contaminated with flame retardant chemicals, according to a new map tracking peer-reviewed research worldwide.

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