The Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies was established as a non-profit research and academic institution in the mid-1980s in Millbrook, New York. The Cary Institute employs researchers with expertise in all matters related to our ecosystem. In addition, the institute offers doctoral programs, fellowships and public information. The 2,000 acres campus offers young students an introduction to ecosystems and programs for young scientists.

Box AB, Millbrook, N.Y. 12545-0129

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Ecological theory can help explain why segregation persists

An ecological theory may help to explain why segregation is so widespread and persistent in US cities, according to a paper published today in Buildings and Cities. The new way of framing segregation's endurance may provide ...

Ecology and artificial intelligence: Stronger together

Many of today's artificial intelligence systems loosely mimic the human brain. In a paper published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, researchers suggest that another branch of biology—ecology—could ...

In the tropics, nitrogen-fixing trees take a hit from herbivores

The ability of tropical forests to grow and store carbon is limited, in part, by herbivory. Insects and other animals prefer to feed on nitrogen-fixing trees, reducing the success of fixers and the nitrogen they provide. ...

Toward a more inclusive definition of green infrastructure

Green infrastructure has been embraced as a tool to help cities achieve sustainability and resilience goals while improving the lives of urban residents. How green infrastructure is defined guides the types of projects that ...

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