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Researchers decode 95.6% of the genome of Nicotiana benthamiana

The plant Nicotiana benthamiana, from the Solanaceae family, is one of the most widely used experimental models in plant science. In 2020, a research group at Nagoya University in Japan reported that N. benthamiana could ...

Pretreating soil with ethanol protects plants from drought

Ethanol can help plants survive in times of drought says a new study conducted at the RIKEN Center for Sustainable Resource Science in Japan. Led by Motoaki Seki, researchers show that adding ethanol to soil allows plants, ...

Arabidopsis thaliana shoots regenerate better in balmy conditions

Warm temperatures strongly enhance the regeneration of thale cress shoots, plant scientists at RIKEN have found. They have also uncovered the molecular mechanism behind this effect, which will help optimize the regeneration ...

Waterhemp goes off script to resist herbicides

Cementing waterhemp's reputation as a hard-to-kill weed in corn and soybean production systems, University of Illinois researchers have now documented the weed deviating from standard detoxification strategies to resist an ...

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