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Prawn spawn secrets unlocked in 3D images

Discovering the secrets of how one of the world's most popular prawn species produces sperm and transfers it to create the next generation could help free aquaculture from reliance on brood stock from the wild.

Forelimb bone data predicts predator style

At the start of their research, paleobiologists Christine Janis and Borja Figueirido simply wanted to determine the hunting style of an extinct marsupial called Thylacine (also known as the "marsupial wolf" or the "Tasmanian ...

CT scans help answer question of how fish lungs evolved

(—One of the great problems of evolution is to understand how the major features of organisms have changed over great swaths of time. How did limbs evolve from fins? How did bird feathers arise from scales?

Sharksucker fish's strange disc explained

There's an old legend about a fish that attaches itself to ships and has powers to slow them down. The powers may be mythical but the fish is real.