Archive: 09/26/2007

Cave records provide clues to climate change

When Georgia Tech Assistant Professor Kim Cobb and graduate student Jud Partin wanted to understand the mechanisms that drove the abrupt climate change events that occurred thousands of years ago, they didn't ...

Sep 26, 2007
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MicroRNA convicted of triggering metastasis

The jury is in: microRNAs can cause tumors to metastasize. These tiny molecules fine-tune protein production and play a powerful role in biological processes ranging from development to aging. Now scientists have proved that ...

Sep 26, 2007
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Mice teeth explain the troubles with human wisdom teeth

During evolution, many of a species’ properties are shaped by ecological interactions. This is readily evident in mammalian teeth, whose many features closely reflect what each species eats. However, for a long time scientists ...

Sep 26, 2007
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New animal and plant species found in Vietnam

World Wildlife Fund scientists said today that the discovery of 11 new animal and plant species in a remote area in central Vietnam underscores the importance of conservation efforts in the ancient tropical forests of the ...

Sep 26, 2007
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