Archive: 07/12/2006

NIAID unveils new research project

U.S. government scientists have unveiled a project aimed at better understanding interactions between infectious organisms and human or animal cells.

Jul 12, 2006
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The Web: Net neutrality discriminatory?

The idea of Net neutrality sounds fair in the abstract, but experts are telling UPI's The Web column the policy proposals emanating from Congress and the federal bureaucracy may actually be quite discriminatory.

Jul 12, 2006
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3D Model Reveals Secrets of Metastasis

A cancer cell breaks away from a primary tumor and settles in a new location, where it once again divides. Pharmaceutical companies typically use simplistic two-dimensional assays for this process, which is known as metastasis, ...

Jul 12, 2006
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Trust in global computing

Access to distributed mobile resources by software agents of all types promises much for global computing. But it suffers from the same security and trust problems as the internet itself. Now new tools and ...

Jul 12, 2006
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Paint-on semiconductor outperforms chips

Researchers at the University of Toronto have created a semiconductor device that outperforms today's conventional chips -- and they made it simply by painting a liquid onto a piece of glass. The finding, which ...

Jul 12, 2006
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Quantum Computer: Laser tweezers sort atoms

Physicists of the University of Bonn have taken one more important hurdle on the path to what is known as a quantum computer: by using 'laser tweezers' they have succeeded in sorting up to seven atoms and lining ...

Jul 12, 2006
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