Archive: 08/06/2007

Gene variant is associated with brain anatomy

A variant of the dopamine receptor gene may be associated with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and with thinner tissue in areas of the brain that handle attention, but also appears associated with better clinical ...

Aug 06, 2007
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Happier hospitals means healthier patients

The National Inquiry into Management and Medicine looked at hospitals across the UK, focussing on the often troubled relationships between doctors and NHS managers. It found that where the two sides have formed a genuine ...

Aug 06, 2007
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Research team enlightens the reasons for severe blindness

People suffering from a severe retinal disease will sooner or later lose their eyesight considerably or even become completely blind. Those affected, family members, researchers and doctors hope that this fate might be avoided ...

Aug 06, 2007
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Mine Collapse Was the Quake, not Vice Versa

Ambiguous, preliminary evidence indicates that a coal mine cave-in that trapped six miners early Monday in Utah generated seismic waves that were recorded as a magnitude-3.9 earthquake, according to the University of Utah ...

Aug 06, 2007
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