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Invention could help reduce highway repairs

( -- Ohio University has licensed a new device that tests the durability of highway asphalt to an Athens, Ohio-based company founded by the engineering professor who invented the technology.

dateSep 22, 2008 in Engineering
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Researchers Get to Root of Nematode Genome

( -- North Carolina State University scientists and colleagues have completed the genome sequence and genetic map of one of the world's most common and destructive plant parasites – Meloidogyne hapla, a microscopic, ...

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When leaves fall, more is occurring than a change of weather

A falling leaf often catches a poet's eye, but scientists also wonder about the phenomenon that causes leaves to fall, or abscission in plants. Abscission is the physiological process plants use to separate entire organs, ...

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To queue or not to queue?

If there's one thing that separates humankind from the animals, it's that human beings wait in lines. To make a deposit at the bank, to pay for groceries, even to vote -- we've all learned to queue, one behind the other. ...

dateSep 22, 2008 in Other
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Swift Catches Farthest Ever Gamma-Ray Burst

( -- NASA's Swift satellite has found the most distant gamma-ray burst ever detected. The blast, designated GRB 080913, arose from an exploding star 12.8 billion light-years away.

dateSep 22, 2008 in Astronomy
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