Archive: 18/05/2007

WinHEC: Day Two Wrapup

On day two we learned more about the Vista driver rollout, HomePlug networking, and the Windows Home Server product.

dateMay 18, 2007 in Hardware
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'Halo 3' Beta Test Gets off to Rough Start

Microsoft Corp.'s public test of its upcoming "Halo 3" video game got off to a rocky start on Wednesday after many users found they were unable to try out the science fiction-themed shooter.

dateMay 18, 2007 in Software
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Deadly fish virus VHSV spreading throughout Great Lakes Basin

A lethal fish virus in the Great Lakes and neighboring waterways is approaching epidemic proportions, according to Paul Bowser, Cornell professor of aquatic animal medicine in the College of Veterinary Medicine. The viral ...

dateMay 18, 2007 in
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Before selling carbon credits, read this

Storing carbon in agricultural soils presents an immediate option to reduce atmospheric carbon dioxide and slow global warming. Farmers who adopt practices that store carbon in soil may be able to "sell" the stored carbon ...

dateMay 18, 2007 in Environment
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Ultra-cold gas makes great magnetometer

Capturing the coldest atoms in the universe within the confines of a laser beam, University of California, Berkeley, physicists have made a device that can map magnetic fields more precisely than ever before.

dateMay 18, 2007 in General Physics
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Google Keeps Close Eye on Open Source

Q&A: Chris DiBona, a programs manager for Google, talks about how the company uses open-source software and what it contributes to the open-source community.

dateMay 18, 2007 in Other
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