Modified Mobile Phone Runs on Coca-Cola

Cell phone coca-cola
A modified Nokia cell phone that runs on Coca-Cola could run up to four times longer than a phone with a lithium ion battery. Image credit: Daizi Zheng.

Daizi Zheng, a Chinese developer who is currently based in London, has modified a Nokia cell phone to run on Coca-Cola or any other sugary solution.

Zheng says the modified phone can run three or four times longer on a single charge than a phone using a conventional , and can also be fully biodegradable.

Modified Mobile Phone Runs on Coca-Cola

As Zheng explains, a sugar-powered phone could potentially offer a much more environmentally friendly power source than lithium ion batteries. The new phone's bio battery, which basically acts as a , uses enzymes as the to generate from carbohydrates.

The phone can run for several hours, and produces water and carbon dioxide as the battery runs down. The phone can then be emptied out and refilled with more Coca-Cola.

Zheng designed the phone as a client project for Nokia, but there's no word on whether the company plans to incorporate the concept into future products.

"It brings a whole new perception to batteries and afternoon tea," Zheng wrote on her project's website.

Modified Mobile Phone Runs on Coca-Cola

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