Toyota to stop selling diesel cars in Europe

Toyota will stop selling diesel cars in Europe starting this year, the car giant has announced
Toyota will stop selling diesel cars in Europe starting this year, the car giant has announced

Japanese car giant Toyota announced Monday that it will stop selling diesel cars in Europe, beginning the phase-out this year.

"Diesel will be phased out in our passenger cars in 2018," Johan van Zyl, president of Toyota Motor Europe, said in Geneva, where Europe's first major car show of the year opens this week.

"We will not develop new diesel technology for , we'll continue to focus on hybrid" vehicles, he added.

An emissions cheating scandal, which blew up at Volkswagen in 2015, has heaped discredit on diesel technology, criticised for belching out nitrogen oxide and harmful particulates.

This has been a major blow for car makers, who had essentially sought to bet the house on diesel as they strove for years to cut CO2 emissions with the support of public authorities.

Major cities including Paris have announced plans to ban diesel, while a top German court last month opened the way for cities to ban older from the streets on air quality grounds.

Diesel's fall from grace has pushed manufacturers to turn their attention to producing more in-demand petrol models or make the jump to electric, or at least hybrid, vehicles.

Last year nearly 15 percent of Toyota's sales in Europe were from , down from 30 percent in 2012.

Meanwhile sales of Toyota's hybrid models have risen sharply.

Toyota vice president Didier Leroy said that back in 2011, before "Dieselgate" erupted, the company had "already started to anticipate the fact that we should not allocate resources to develop a new small diesel engine".

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Mar 06, 2018
More companies should simply discontinue offering any diesel vehicles at all and start moving quickly into Hybrid & full on Electric, the time has come and the need is extreme, the days of Fossil Fuel is coming to an end, just like the age of Horse & Buggy gave way Steam which gave way to Fossil Fuels which has to give way to electrified transport... Time to EVOLVE or Fail ! The cost of failure this time though is extreme to say the least...

Mar 07, 2018
Once we had one EV, we quickly bought another.

The benefits are simply too great to ignore or dismiss. Most of them have to do with maintenance: There is almost none. The cost of operation is almost nothing, and the driving is the easiest you will have, with regeneration and one-pedal driving.

No noise, no stink, no oil or filters, no leaks, no tune-ups, no injectors, no emissions, no transmission. And we "fill up" at home.

We love them.

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