France gives boost to electric vehicles amid pollution peaks

The French government has announced an anti-pollution plan, including a financial boost to buy electric vehicles, as Paris and other cities in the country are emerging from a particularly severe episode of air pollution.

Environment Minister Segolene Royal said Saturday professionals will get a bonus of up to 10,000 euros ($10,600) if they scrap their old diesel light commercial vehicles or taxis for electric ones, starting next month. The measure has been in effect for private buyers since last year.

Royal also said she will ask to exempt from highway tolls. A 1,000-euro bonus will be given when buying electric scooters.

Paris faced its worse winter pollution in a decade over the past week.

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Dec 11, 2016

When they realize the operational and maintenance savings, they will never give them up.

Our little e-Golf has saved hundreds of gallons of expensive California gas so far, over 600 gallons. And no oil changes. No filters. No tune-ups. No transmissions to buy and operate. The regeneration and 100% torque on demand is important in city driving, as well.

I foresee induction charging stations around town for them, eventually. Cities will go electric.

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