New device checks the amount of stationary gas in real time

New device checks the amount of stationary gas in real time

Mexican startup Brain Fusion, which specializes in the Internet of Things (IoT),has designed a device for smartphones and tablets that monitors in real time the amount of gas from a stationary tank, communiating via Bluetooth with the user through an application that accurately indicates the level of gas, helping to control consumption and improve the shopping experience, as well as alerting of theft.

The system, called Gaszen, consists of a device that replaces the traditional meter and is placed directly into the stationary tank. The app allows the user to directly call the gas companies, or for the companies to perform a scan of customers who require service, anticipating the sale.

"A recurring problem for stationary gas users is that they never know when it will end, because even though recharges are programmed, this is never accurate, and situations like getting in the middle of a shower or not being able to prepare food can happen. And the experience of ordering the gas and waiting without knowing when it will arrive can ruin a whole day. And it doesn't have to be that way," says Javier Dávila García, founder and director of innovation of the company located in Innovation Park De La Salle in Guanajuato (center state of Mexico).

With the Gaszen device, the user reads the measurement of the and the data is sent to a cloud service, where providers connect to verify if customers require recharging.

The aim of Brain Fusion is that people focus their time on tasks and avoid unnecessary routines such as guessing levels in the stationary tank, added Dávila García.

New device checks the amount of stationary gas in real time

The data uploaded to the cloud includes refill history, dates of each sale and the percentage amount of liters to the total capacity of the tank. This information can increase sales tactics and improve delivery logistics .

Another important point is that the stationary tanks are not filled to more than 90 percent of capacity, for security reasons, such as pressure; for that reason, a tank of 300 liters, must not be contain more than 270.

The application will be launched for free through Google Play and the Apple Store.

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