Chemists design novel method for generating sustainable fuel

Chemists have been working to synthesize high-value materials from waste molecules for years. Now, an international collaboration of scientists is exploring ways to use electricity to streamline the process.

Energy efficiency may also keep rodents at bay

Sealing leaky windows, filling gaps in doors, and installing efficient insulation will not only decrease wasteful energy usage, it also may reduce rodent infestations, a new study recently published in Environmental Research ...

Surprising ring sheds light on galaxy formation

The question of what triggers the extremely rapid star formation within Hyper Luminous Infrared Galaxies (HyLIRGs), as yet unknown, is of much interest to guide our understanding of the formation and evolution of galaxies ...

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In physics, a gas is a state of matter, consisting of a collection of particles (molecules, atoms, ions, electrons, etc.) without a definite shape or volume that are in more or less random motion.

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