Denmark sets wind energy world record

Denmark aims to generate 50 percent of its electricity from wind power by 2020
Denmark aims to generate 50 percent of its electricity from wind power by 2020

Danish wind turbines set a new world record by generating nearly half of all the electricity consumed by the Scandinavian country in 2015, an official from state-owned said Monday.

"It was much windier in 2015 than during an average year," spokeswoman Hanne Storm Edlefsen told AFP.

Wind energy production capacity had grown "a little bit, but that is not what explains the big increase," she added.

Peaking at 42.1 pecent for 2015, the number notched up from 39.1 percent of consumption in 2014, when Denmark was followed by Portugal at 24 percent and then Spain at 20.4 percent, according to data from the International Energy Agency (IEA).

Denmark was on track to meet its target of generating 50 percent of its electricity from wind power by 2020, Edlefsen said.

Wind energy production had actually exceeded 16 percent of the time in western Denmark, where most of the country's wind turbines are located, said.

"If, for some hours, we have surplus wind energy, the producers sell it to consumers in Norway, Sweden and Germany," spokesman Carsten Vittrup said in a statement.

"Conversely, we buy hydroelectric power from Norway, solar from Germany and power station electricity from Sweden, when it is advantageous," he added.

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Denmark champions wind power, sets record

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Jan 18, 2016
The battery technology is now most important. Electrical storage can change the world.

Jan 18, 2016
I think this is hilarious. With Iran ready to dump oil on the world market, the price per barrel is going to drop even more. Those numbers from Denmark, Portugal, and Spain tell the story.

Jan 18, 2016
This is good news because we should save petroleum for use as a chemical feedstock, not just burn it for heat.

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