Optimal building management through centralization

July 15, 2014
With the Desigo CC building management station, the Siemens Building Technologies Division is setting a new milestone in building management. As the first-ever management station of its kind, Desigo CC allows customers to integrate all of their building systems – from heating, ventilation and air conditioning to fire safety and security, power, lighting and shading. Desigo CC is an open platform based on standard protocols and can easily be adapted to the requirements of the building operator.

Desigo CC is making building management much easier and convenient. Desigo CC is the world's first management station to combine all of the adjustable building systems into a single control station. The station controls a building's heating, air conditioning, ventilation, fire protection, and security systems, as well as its energy management functions. Experts are hailing it as a building management milestone. Because all of the data flows together into a single system, a building's operation can be optimized more quickly and easily than ever before. And the system makes it easier to maximize a building's energy efficiency. The uniform operation of all building systems also reduces the time and effort needed for installation and training. The first stations are already being used in the U.S., and Desigo CC has now also been launched in Europe, where it was presented at the trade show Light + Building 2014.

The control centers for large building complexes have to manage a variety of systems. They range from fire protection and such as access control devices and surveillance cameras to comfort-enhancing facilities - heating, , ventilation, and lighting - and . These facilities are basically separate from one another and are operated by a variety of different systems. Integrated solutions exist for some applications so that information from building surveillance systems can be called up if there is a fire alarm, for example.

With the development of Desigo CC, Siemens engineers have created a comprehensive management for all these building systems. The solution is based on a new platform that is optimally laid out for every conceivable application. Desigo CC makes completely new reporting and evaluation options possible, because all operating data is available in a single system in real time. For example, energy savings potential is clearly indicated so that technicians can immediately take action. In another new feature, the station allows users to compare historical and current data in order to visualize building performance trends over extended periods. The new platform also enables the individual building systems to control one another. If there is a fire alarm, for example, the station automatically closes the fire dampers and deactivates the ventilation in the affected area so that the flames cannot be fanned by an inflow of oxygen that would cause the fire to spread to other parts of the building.

Desigo CC has an intuitive interface and guides users step by step. A big advantage when personnel are being trained to use the station is that the user interface looks the same on all terminals, no matter whether they are online systems or stationary facilities. It is an open platform, so it can enables the integration of devices from other manufacturers. It can be used with all of the standard protocols, including BACnet, OPC, and various IT standards.

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