A new clean nuclear fusion reactor has been designed

January 14, 2013, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
Schematic section of the vessel and the containment wall of the fusion reactor that show the essential components.

A researcher at the Universidad politécnica de Madrid (UPM, Spain) has patented a nuclear fusion reactor by inertial confinement that, apart from be used to generate electric power in plants, can be applied to propel ships.

This invention is the result of a work carried out by the Professor José Luis González Díez from the Higher Technical School of Naval Engineering of the UPM, who has contributed to solve the problem of contamination risk associated with the generation of nuclear fission power. It is a design of a fusion by laser ignition of 1000 MWe that uses as fuel that can be extracted from water allowing us a significant saving in fuel.
The nuclear fission is generally considered as a dangerous energy due to its contaminant risks of radioactive waste resulting from the electricity generation process. The past events occurred in Japan after the tsunami of 2011 increased the of this type of energy generation what has provoked that research on alternative ways to obtain energy have gained more importance than ever.

For years, nuclear fusion was studied as an alternative to because of its remarkable advantages for security and financial issues. However, today, there is not working any fusion reactor to produce continuous electrical energy of high voltage.

As a result of the Project "", the Professor González Díez designed a prototype of fusion reactor by inertial confinement, of total conversion of material into energy, whose fusion chamber can adapt to the type of fuel that wishes to be used, specially deuterium-tritium, deuterium- deuterium or hydrogen-hydrogen. Therefore, according to the fuel, the size of the chamber can be adapted as well as its shape, the outer and inner equipment, coolants, moderators, shields and equipment of ignition.

This project has also led a design of a modular structure to realize coupling of various fusion reactors, what would allow us to maximize the power production solving the problem of the high current energy demand. Besides, this invention can determinate the features of a for its application in nuclear powered ships.

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2.8 / 5 (5) Jan 14, 2013
Patenting an approach is one thing, building a reactor that produces excess energy in a cost-efficient manner is entirely another.
As the saying goes: "Fusion power is fifty years away — and always will be.".
1.5 / 5 (2) Jan 14, 2013
I'm a bit confused. Isn't this exactly what they have built at the NIF.

A bit late for the patent, then.

(Small niggle: fusion power isn't totally clean. The reaction chamber does get to be radioactive over time and needs to be disposed of in a safe manner. However, compared to fission that's just a very minor problem)
2.6 / 5 (5) Jan 14, 2013
What a joke! Poor translation of a perfectly content-free article. Aneutronic fusion should be the goal anyway. No neutron irradiated containment vessels to worry about AND direct electrical conversion!
1.8 / 5 (5) Jan 14, 2013
If we weren't wasting so much money on tokamak designs (which may not work) and spent it on research instead, we might have a good design today.
1 / 5 (2) Jan 14, 2013
Shaving with Gillette Fusion, breakeven not an issue.
not rated yet Jan 14, 2013
It's not the best translation, but I couldn't find any more info at the original site. Maybe people with the text of the patent could explain more.
3 / 5 (4) Jan 14, 2013
Is it just me or does the wording and sentence structure of this press release appear very similar to the emails I have received from a certain Nigerian prince/Somali pirate/African warlord who wishes to very generously share his great wealth with me?
1.6 / 5 (7) Jan 15, 2013
The patent office archives are full of things that never worked. Show us a working model. Show us some test results by an independent lab, a Youtube vid - ANYTHING! This article is a waste of bandwidth.
5 / 5 (2) Jan 15, 2013
It is an ingenious design. You can tell from the drawing shown above. These high precision designs will aid Martini and Rossi to sell the millios of E-Cat's that they are producing right now in their secret vault.
1 / 5 (4) Jan 15, 2013
If anyone had a working model they'd keep it secret until the design is perfected, then publicize. Who would tip off any potential competitor for a Nobel Prize, or patents and future big bucks? Perhaps a Spanish Socialist-minded person simply does not know any better course of thoughts.
not rated yet Jan 15, 2013
The radiation shield is a lithium blanket which will be recycled for advanced EV batteries. LOL
3.7 / 5 (3) Jan 17, 2013
As the saying goes: "Fusion power is fifty years away — and always will be."

Which completely ignores rapid and exponential advances that are being made. ITER will be up and running in 5 years with a short step to commercial power stations in about 10 years.
3 / 5 (2) Jan 19, 2013
As the saying goes: "Fusion power is fifty years away — and always will be."

Which completely ignores rapid and exponential advances that are being made. ITER will be up and running in 5 years with a short step to commercial power stations in about 10 years.

I can remember when I was a physics student in the early 1970's that practical fusion reactors would probably take until the year 2000 to achieve.
5 / 5 (1) Jan 20, 2013
ITER will have to run for 5 years before there is enough experience to finish the design on the larger commercial units which will then take 10 years to build. So at best 20, maybe 25 years, provided that ITER actually works.

So, if you wanted to be really optimistic, then 25 years until the first few commercial fusion reactors are built. Maybe 35 if ITER runs into problems.

"ITER will be up and running in 5 years with a short step to commercial power stations in about 10 years." - ChromoBalono

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