Tesla builds 100th sedan, but steep production ramp looms

Tesla S
Tesla S
Tesla has built its 100th Model S sedan.

That may not seem like a lot, but it's an indication that the electric car company is - as it said in a blog post on Aug. 21 announcing the - starting to ramp up production.

Palo Alto-based 's last production update came about a month ago, when it announced its second-quarter results. At that point, the company had made 40 cars total and had delivered none to customers other than the first 10 it delivered in a highly publicized "launch" event June 22.

That means the company has increased the total number of Model S vehicles it has made to date by 150 percent. Tesla made about 60 cars in less than a month, or about two a day. In mid-July, Tesla officials said the company was making one to two cars a day.

and industry watchers have been keenly focused on Tesla's production numbers. The money-losing company has set some ambitious production goals that it has to reach to start operating in the black. The company's plan is to be profitable next year when it expects to be in full production of the new sedan.

But it's a long way from the company's current production rate to its goals. Tesla has said it plans to make 500 Model S vehicles by the end of the third quarter. Over the next 40 days or so, it needs to make 400 vehicles - or about 10 a day - to reach that target.

Tesla expects to make 4,500 Model S's in the . To hit that, it will have to make 50 a day on average in that period.

Tesla officials have said that production of the Model S is on target to meet those goals and that the company expects its production numbers to ramp up exponentially in coming months in a sharp "S" curve. But some analysts are dubious that the company will be able to hit its targets.

Separately, the said Tuesday that it will open its first stand-alone service center in the Bay Area this fall in San Rafael.

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Sep 13, 2012
Many people have been dubious about Tesla and been proven very wrong.

Sep 13, 2012
It's kind of the Apple hipster thing for people with money. Paypal was bought out by the ebay Mormon mafia but hopefully in his new endeavor the Tesla founder will prove less pious than his past companies have become.

Sep 14, 2012
It's kind of the Apple hipster thing for people with money.

With the one difference that you actually get something for your money with the Tesla that you don't get from another vendor.

Yes, it's a luxury product. But in contrast to an Apple product it's not just a rebranded piece of junk hardware sold at more than triple of what other vendors charge for the EXACT same thing.

Sep 14, 2012
Such a car would be completely destroyed by Russian roads and weather. But the nice California climate is kind these these rolling battery packs. Any car must be adapted for our roads not only electrics. Only Jeep can be brought from America without modification. Moscow air definitely could benefit from electric cars.

Sep 14, 2012
I'll say one thing, it looks like a car should look.

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