Ford concept E-Bike has smartphone built in

September 21, 2011 by Bob Yirka weblog

( -- Ford Motor Company has been showing of its concept E-Bike at the Frankfort auto show. Though the company says it’s isn’t likely to actually sell the bike, it does offer some striking features. For one thing, it’s unisex; there’s no bar between the seat and handlebars to differentiate between boy or girl model. Also, they’ve hidden the stuff that makes it go. Though it does power itself, you’d never know looking at it. The motor is hidden away in the front axle works, and the battery is hidden in the frame. Thus, onlookers might be forgiven for confusing it with an ordinary bike as it also features pedals. But perhaps the thing that draws the most notice is the upfront display. It’s a Samsung Galaxy S2 Smartphone. And not only does it do all the things Smartphones are known for, but it serves as an interface between the rider and the inner workings of the bike.

On its site, says that the display (Smartphone) can be used to allow the rider to choose from three different “support” modes: Economy, Comfort and Sport. It appears these modes allow the user to change the tightness of the suspension so as to provide the best ride for different types of environments, e.g. bumpy, off-road, street, etc. It can also be used as a message display to notify the rider of things going wrong with the bike, as a fuel gauge and as a means of displaying data such as speed, distance traveled, etc.

The bike can go up to 16 mph, (25 kilometers/hour) and weighs just five and a half pounds (2.5 kilograms). It can go about 53 miles (85 kilometers) on average, which means riders could put the Smartphone’s GPS capabilities to good use as they glide along.

The company has also implemented custom developed magnetostriction sensor technology that it says it borrowed from Formula I race cars. Such technology allows for the conversion of magnetic energy into kinetic, and the other way around. The sensors read bearing information making the transition from pedaling to electric power seamless.

The Concept E-Bike was developed in conjunction with cyber-Wear, the German company that runs Ford's Lifestyle Collection (marketing products) such as sunglasses, watches, jackets, gloves etc. The idea it appears, is to use the E-Bike as a marketing tool to show off Ford’s ability to produce cutting edge technology.

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not rated yet Sep 21, 2011
How much???
not rated yet Sep 21, 2011
Bring it to market, Ford.
1 / 5 (1) Sep 21, 2011
Future bikes will have no contact between chassis frame and wheels. The chain will be gone as well. There is no need. For the sake of exercise and an energy source of option, the crank will remain. The wheels will have no spokes or axles.

This comes with the event of superconductivity being as common to all daily lives as fire was to past generations.

Good bikes today weight 5 lbs. Simply not allowed for competition. Future bikes will weight 2 lbs. at the most.

Nor will theses future bikes tip over.

It is good to imagine the doable and achievable. To list the impossible - something not yet dreamed of - like what lies beyond TOE or GUT asks too much of Physorg's participants.

All dreaming aside, Kudos, Ford. What's the downside?
not rated yet Sep 21, 2011
Five and a half pounds? Is that the whole bike or just the wheels? $3000 road bikes weight 17 lbs, 19 with wheels & tires. And for every ounce less than that, expect to pay $100 . If this thing weighs five and a half pounds, it must cost more than a luxury car.
1 / 5 (1) Sep 22, 2011
You are in error about $3000 or less road bikes. On every detail. My bike weights in at 11 lbs simply because I do not have the correct wheels.
not rated yet Sep 22, 2011
Bring it to market, Ford.

Give some ( yet unknown asian ) company a little time to copy the concept and bring it to market if Ford refuses to do so.
1 / 5 (1) Sep 24, 2011
first screw up ...front wheel drive at only 350w
Too low - wimpy Europe style power - I wouldn't even consider something less than 500w

second screw up ..goofy spooked wheels that won't stand up to a real road with real potholes

third screw up... having to use a external system to control it. Not everyone has one of those phones or even wants one.

fourth screw up .... belt drive - when it breaks where can you get another one from a Ford dealer for 5X what's it worth at least.

fifth screw up..... using lipo batteries that model airplanes use. Going to have to garages burn down before people learn not to use those in this type of application.

This thing is a waste of money all the way around.

Maybe Ford should get some opinions from people that ACTUALLY ride ebikes before they build something like this crap. It's nothing but another rich mans toy and totally unusable for real life needs.

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