YikeFusion: same design, heavier frame, less expensive

YikeFusion: same design, heavier frame, less expensive

(PhysOrg.com) -- Some of you may be familiar with the YikeBike. For those you who are not familiar with the YikeBike it is a computerized bike that can be folded up and packed away when it is not in use. The bike, which looks like it belongs to a classic cartoon character, allows users to tool around on the sidewalk much faster than most of us could walk, or even pedal on a standard bike.

The standard version of the YikeBike weighs in at 10.8kg or 24 pounds, which is about the same as a Brompton folding bike. That low weight comes with the help of a carbon fiber body. The carbon fiber is lighter than other materials on the market, but it also makes the bike fairly expensive. Anyone who wants to buy the original YikeBike would have to pay $3,800.

If $3800 is not in your budget then you should be glad that Yike has created the Fusion. The Fusion is significantly less expensive, at $2000, because it is made from an composite, which makes it notably heavier at 14kg or roughly 31 pounds. This change of materials in the frame has added about seven pounds. This less expensive bike still carries over the same design from the original YikeBike, and features the same 450-watt motor. That motor will take you about six miles in total with a top speed of 14mph.

YikeFusion: same design, heavier frame, less expensive

Since both the YikeBike and the YikeFusion are meant only for short-term commutes the extra weight should not be a significant issue for the majority of users, who could stash it in the trunk of a car or rolling suitcase. The YikeFusion is already on the market.

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