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Intelligent camera automatically detects roadside bombs

Roadside bombs are sneaky and effective killers. They are easy to manufacture and hide, making it the weapon of choice for insurgents and terrorists across the world. Finding and disabling these lethal devices is very difficult. ...

Storing data in everyday objects

Life's assembly and operating instructions are in the form of DNA. That's not the case with inanimate objects: anyone wishing to 3-D print an object also requires a set of instructions. If they then choose to print that same ...

Deployable human-scale immersive virtual environments?

Imagine being inside Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute's Collaborative Research Augmented Immersive Virtual Environment Laboratory (CRAIVE Lab), which features a front-projection 360-degree panoramic display to immerse you ...

SMAC in the DARQ: the tech trends shaping 2020

In 2020, will the wow factor return to consumer hardware? Will blockchain and 5G punch into the mainstream? Or will the world unify against Big Tech's privacy-busting, tax-avoiding practices?

New 'hyper glue' formula developed

With many of the products we use every day held together by adhesives, researchers from UBC's Okanagan campus and the University of Victoria hope to make everything from protective clothing to medical implants and residential ...

Virtual reality becomes more real

Scientists from the Skoltech ADASE (Advanced Data Analytics in Science and Engineering) lab have found a way to enhance depth map resolution, which should make virtual reality and computer graphics more realistic. They presented ...

A smart, self-powered ping-pong table

A team of researchers from China and the U.S. has built a smart, self-powered ping-pong table. In their paper published in the journal Nature Communications, the group describes how the table was built and how it powers itself.

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General Physics
Scientists 'tune in' to proton spin precession
Astronomers discover two new galaxy protoclusters
Nanoscience breakthrough: Probing particles smaller than a billionth of a meter
Materials Science
Researchers realize 'ideal' kagome metal electronic structure
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Newfound Martian aurora actually the most common; sheds light on Mars' changing climate
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Why are giant pandas born so tiny?
Plants & Animals
Leaving home is beneficial for male squirrels but not for females, study shows
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One of Europe's worst famines likely caused by devastating floods
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A self-cleaning surface that repels even the deadliest superbugs
Researchers participate in study that adds new detail to merger models
Bone bandage soaks up pro-healing biochemical to accelerate repair
Researchers estimate the mass of the Milky Way to be 890 billion times that of our sun
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Protein injections in medicine
Scientists explain why some molecules spontaneously arrange themselves into five slices of nanoscale pie
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Unearthing the mystery of the meaning of Easter Island's Moai
Chimpanzees may have evolved resistance to HIV precursor
Space Exploration
NASA's Juno navigators enable Jupiter cyclone discovery
Materials Science
Sustainable sand pulls pollutants from stormwater
Image: The galactic dance of NGC 5394 and NGC 5395
Wetlands, crops can mitigate storm damage to coastal cities, study finds