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Fit to drive? The car will judge

When you're sleepy, stressed or have had a few drinks, you're not in the best position to drive – or even make that decision. But automated cars could soon make that call for you.

Bat flight model can inspire smarter, nimbler drones

Bats are among nature's best flyers—able to fly for long periods of time, maneouvre in mid-air with pinpoint precision and get into some very tight spaces. However, scientists have not fully understood exactly how bats ...

New technology breaks through sign language barriers

Opportunities once distant to the hard-of-hearing community will become a reality with a breakthrough sign language translator. Engineers from Michigan State University developed and patented a technology that – unlike ...

Two new planets discovered using artificial intelligence
Droughts could hit aging power plants hard
Cellular microRNA detection with miRacles
What happened before the Big Bang?
Probiotic bacteria evolve inside mice's GI tracts
Infertility's roots in DNA packaging
The hunt is on for closest Earth-like planets
Race at the edge of the sun: Ions are faster than atoms
The solid Earth breathes
Asteroids, hydrogen make great recipe for life on Mars
Cool Earth theory sheds more light on diamonds
Study finds people who feed birds impact conservation

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