ALBA storage ring reaches 100 mA

April 7, 2011 By Montse Pont
ALBA Synchrotron Light Facility

The commissioning of the ALBA Storage Ring started on Tuesday 8th of March 2011 at 14:00h. Within one day the beam made few turns around the machine, and on the 13th of March, after switching on the RF, the beam was stored.

Three days later, the 16th of March, the beam was accumulated with parameters close to the nominal ones. This was confirmed by finding no difficulty coming from the 3 small gap (8mm) vacuum chambers already installed in the Storage Ring. After having tested all the machine protection system, on Friday 01.04.11 100 mA were stored on the storage ring.

This fast start-up has shown that the three accelerators (Linac, Booster and Storage Ring) are behaving as designed; and that all the different and numerous sub-systems have been properly installed and are working according to specs.

ALBA storage ring reaches 100 mA
First image of the visible part of the synchrotron radiation spectra seen on the BL34-Xanadu diagnostics beamline

The coming weeks will be dedicated to reach stable and reproducible settings, to measure the parameters of the accelerators in order to obtain the nominal settings, to correct the orbit, to increase the current and to clean the with synchrotron radiation.

In May, it is expected to test the first 3 Insertion Devices, two APPLE-II undulators and a normal conducting wiggler, which are already installed on the machine.

In the following there are some pictures and plots from the 16th of March 2011, a historical day for the ALBA project.

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5 / 5 (4) Apr 07, 2011
In case you were as mystified: ALBA is the new synchrotron under construction near Barcelona, Spain, EU.
4.2 / 5 (5) Apr 07, 2011
Thank you, I was mystified. When they got to the insertion devices, undulators, and normal wigglers, I thought this facility was located on O'Farrell Street in San Francisco. Especially when they mentioned the Apple II.
3.7 / 5 (3) Apr 07, 2011
Meanwhile, the new Neanderthals in congress let the Tevatron die from lack of funding even as new discoveries are made.
5 / 5 (3) Apr 07, 2011
Perhaps some background would be useful. Who the heck wrote this stuff?
5 / 5 (2) Apr 08, 2011
hahahahaha jesus christ this made me laugh
5 / 5 (2) Apr 08, 2011
HAHAHA I just read it again. oh my god
5 / 5 (2) Apr 08, 2011
I can't get anymore upset than I am about the Neanderthals in
congress. I live 2 miles from the Tevatron, and it is CRIMINAL
No, I don't work at Fermilab, but my degrees are all in related
fields. I suppose the voters are more interested in Charlie Sheen and Dancing with the idiots on TV.
not rated yet Apr 09, 2011
Off Topic, but I can't believe the T-Party wanted to shutodwn the U.S. Gov unless they cut the scientific budget for cancer research, and continued subsidies to oil companies. No wonder the Tevatron is going to be shutdown, given the state of U.S. politics. I'd sack the lot of them, make lobby groups illegal, scale back the millitary and give scientists the resources they need to solve big problems. Speed up research to practical application too.

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