Bucking trend, Hyundai bets on hydrogen fuel cell for new car

Bucking trend, Hyundai bets on hydrogen fuel cell for new car
Credit: Hyundai

Hyundai unveiled Monday a hydrogen fuel-cell powered vehicle aimed at showcasing its newest technologies, bucking the all-electric trend of most rival automakers.

The South Korean manufacturer used the 201 Consumer Electronics Show to debut its Nexo, a that uses voice commands, artificial intelligence and can be transformed into an .

"We call this the next future utility vehicles," said Hyundai vice president Ki-Sang Lee.

Hyundai said it plans to sell the Nexo in California later this year, in a bet on hydrogen even as many rivals turn to battery power.

The company said it resolved a number of issues in developing the Nexo, including starts in extreme cold weather and extending the range to nearly 600 kilometers (375 miles).

While a handful of companies have showcased , obstacles include the lack of hydrogen stations and a low ratio of energy efficiency in producing fuel.

"We all understand that technological challenges and innovations are a never-ending process that will continue until we realize a mobile society of maximum convenience, zero accidents and no emissions," vice chairman Woong-chul Yang.

To promote its efforts in self-driving technology, Hyundai has formed a partnership with Silicon Valley startup Aurora Innovation, headed by former Google car executive Chris Urmson, who appeared at the media event.

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Jan 09, 2018
Well we wasted 10s of millions of shareholder money but that's ok since it comes out of the advertising budget.

Jan 09, 2018
I'd buy one. Hydrogen is clearly superior to electric/hybrid in every respect except acceptance .... great to see progress on this front.

Jan 09, 2018
They should go directly to ship engines (or systems for electrical aircraft).

Hydrogen for cars is as dead as...dead.

can you imagine even averagely well off countries setting up a dense network hydrogen fueling stations? No? Me neither.

But power outlets - that's feasible for everyone.
And at the end of the day auto makers want to be able to sell their products everywhere - not just in some specialty markets.

Jan 09, 2018
Hydrogen power might be suitable for busses and delivery vans, which return to the same garage every day for fueling.

Hydrogen-fueled ship engines is an interesting idea - bunker oil is one of the dirtiest of fuels.

Jan 09, 2018
There are 39 hydrogen fueling stations in the US, basically all in CA and four stations in three other states.

Jan 10, 2018
Countries like Japan, Denmark, to some extent Korea or UK already have nationwide H2 station network, enough for current level of deployment.

Once you can refuel in 3-5 minutes like normal car and drive 300-400 miles in any weather like normal car, why on Earth you would want to play games with low power outlets, baby sitting charging batteries, dragging extension cord from 7th floor to parking lot nearby, and all that kind of nonsense?

Jan 11, 2018
I just looked at the world H2 fueling station map and one would be lucky to find a total of 200 in Europe and Asia. Hardly what one would call a network. I bet that one major city has way over 200 gas stations.

Why are delusion and half truths always the rule in green programs and not the exception?

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