Philips LED bulb with rad design set for January arrival

Philips LED bulb with rad design set for January arrival

( —Netherlands-based Philips' SlimStyle LED bulbs will be arriving on January 2 at Home Depot stores, and the SlimStyle appears to be a promising newcomer in lightbulbs, with a flat design, energy-saving benefits. and ease of use for consumers. Intended as a replacement for 60- watt incandescents, SlimStyle is highly efficient; it uses only 10.5 watts, yet still puts out 800 lumens.

This lightbulb is shaped such that a string of LEDs are arranged into a horseshoe shape that arc out from the base. The shape is not just about grabbing attention; the technical advantage is that the SlimStyle does a good job in dispersing heat and does away with the need for heavy heat sinks. In a GigaOM report on the SlimStyle, a Philips spokeswoman e-mailed comments about the bulb's "The flat surface," she said, "helps conduct heat away from the LEDs, eliminating the need for the heavy aluminum heat sinks associated with LED bulbs. This eliminates the cost of the bulb, while still delivering omnidirectional light."

Illumination in Focus further reflected on the significance of the design: "Philips has once again created an LED-based retrofit lamp with a novel shape that still delivers an omnidirectional beam that the company expects to win Energy Star certification. The design looks somewhat akin to a doughnut on top of an Edison base although there is only a flat area rather than a whole in the center of the doughnut. The solid-state lighting (SSL) design enabled a new approach to thermal management that does not rely on a visible metal sink."

Chris Davies, meanwhile, writing in SlashGear, had a look at the SlimStyle, and observed still another advantage in its design, and that is its ease of use for those who may otherwise struggle with conventional bulbs. The elderly or infirm with weak grips, for example, might find the SlimStyle easier to manage with just a twist. The plastic body, too, will feel sturdy enough so that the user does not worry about cracking or breaking the bulb while handling it.

The introduction comes at a good time for Philips, as 2014 in the US also marks the point when 60- and 40-watt will be phased out. In 2014, the bulb will no longer be manufactured or imported. That also means that consumers in 2014 will be especially interested in finding alternative "green" LED fixtures and can expect promotional messages of better efficiency, The phaseout is In line with the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007.This Act is designed to help raise the efficiency of products, buildings, and vehicles.

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