The Artega SE enters the electric sports car arena

The Artega SE enters the electric sports car arena

( -- When most of us think electric sports car, one name comes to mind, the Tesla Roadster, which has enjoyed some solo time in this category, but all reigns come to an end, and a German automaker, Artega, has set its cap at entering the category with its own electric sports car.

The , which has been dubbed the Artega SE, was shown off at the Geneva Motor Show. The SE, which for the curious is short for 'Sport Electric', has a chance of really living up to the sport in its name.

The Artega SE enters the electric sports car arena

The Artega SE will come with a pair of rear-mounted electric motors that combine to create a 375 horsepower engine. The top speeds that the car can achieve are over 155 MPH, though there are few places you can actually drive that fast. The power source is a 37 kW that should allow drivers to go roughly 124 miles under normal driving conditions. The company says that at a commercial the car will charge in about 90 minutes. Charging at home is expected to take a little bit longer than that, but no specifics have been given.

The Artega SE is going into production in 2012, for an April launch of the car. The car is going to be on sale in Europe for about €150,000, or $200,000 at the current rate of exchange. The company expects to produce about 500 of the cars in the first year. There is no word yet on when the car can be expected to be released in the USA or Asia. Of course, if you are buying a $200,000 car, the import fees may not pose a real challenge.

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Mar 23, 2011
There is quite a bit more to the term "sports car" besides top speed.
Acceleration, braking, lateral G's as well as overall "road manners".
Any other car would be scoffed at without these attributes being divulged. I suppose 'EV' is all important now. Looks and range do not a 'sports car' make.

Mar 23, 2011
At the maximum power, it will drain its batteries in 8 minutes.

It's like a Bugatti Veyron, except that it doesn't go 267 mph, doesn't have 1001 Hp and it can't go more than a lap around the combined circuit in Nürburgring if you put your foot down.

Electric sportscars aren't even toys. They're just pointless.

Mar 23, 2011
Want to grab the public's attention for EV's in a big way?
Want to "evolve the breed"?
Start a international EV racing league.
Bragging rights have been shown to be effective sales tools in the past.
Years past, the term "Win on Sunday, sell on Monday" was well known.

Mar 23, 2011
Just wait until Dr. Emmett Brown perfects the Mr. Fusion!

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