The 'Ene Pocket' toy car runs on sugar (w/ Video)

The 'Ene Pocket' toy car runs on sugar

( -- Takara Tomy, the Japanese toy makers have unveiled their "Ene Pocket", a radio-controlled toy car with a Sony bio-battery that is fuelled by sugars like those in fruit drinks and sodas.

The bio-battery is still in development and is not commercially available. Its efficiency (and hence the speed and/or running time of the toy) depends on the liquid chosen, with grape juice being the best, but it can run on any left over sugary drinks, such as Sprite, 7 Up and . Sony says the bio-battery's performance is improving, with a doubling in per unit of volume achieved in the last 18 months.

"Ene Pocket" running on sugary drink

The bio-battery generates electricity from sugars by using enzymes to break down carbohydrates (sugars) and release the energy, in the same way that the body breaks down sugars.

The toy car is in the prototype stage and it is not known when, or if, it will be available for sale. The “Ene” part of its name stands for Entertainment New Energy, and the toy is only one of several “green” toys being developed by the company. The bio-batteries are not only an alternative to ordinary electric batteries, but the toys they run can also be used as educational tools to demonstrate .

Takara Tomy are not the only company working on gadgets to be fuelled by sweet drinks, since Nokia has also shown off a concept “green phone” that runs on Coke.

Working models of the Ene Pocket and other toys using the Sony bio-battery were demonstrated last week at the TOY Forum 2010. Takara Tomy also demonstrated a propeller driven by a bio-battery, and showed that 3 ml (less than a teaspoon) of Coke could run the propeller for around an hour.

The TOY Forum 2010, a trade show for toy makers and dealers, was held in Tokyo on January 18 and 19.

Drink Cube
Drink Cube
Drink Cube video.

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Jan 29, 2010
so ya fix one thing by causing a problem in anothe thing.

how about ubiquitous nuclear power so that it cheap enough to grow food and such things in multistory towers. 20 stories can make 1 acre into 20 acres if the power was cheap. (and use zero pesticized, a lot less fertilizer, and very low pollution)

marxists are luddites with a warped view of the world and people.

they think their lack of vision informing them of how to solve things is visionary.

since when was malthus seen as a real visionary?

Excellent news and a great fuel source. Every house has it in abundance, and it's a good way to teach kids nowadays... I bookmarked this and posted it on my blog: http://actionfigu...-pocket/

Jan 29, 2010
but if the state taxes sweet drinks for fat people, then what?

can i get a rebate if i claikm that i used it to blow hot air?

Jan 29, 2010
"ubiquitous nuclear power"

yeah, ubiquitous and easy and cheap to make and operate, with the fuel producing itself, the power plants growing like mushrooms, and the waste just going away by itself.

efficient nuclear energy is a "green" dream like all other green dreams, the only difference is nuclear power got the large subsidies earlier.

Jan 30, 2010

since when was malthus seen as a real visionary?

actually he's a loser since plasma energy systems have surfaced :/

Feb 25, 2010
look up Thorium nuclear..
(not uranium nuclear)


if we can make entry vehicles that can survice catastrophic re-entry whole... and that is a lot easier than digging a hole and storing things for 50,000 years...
and we are on the verge of ubiquitous commercial space flight (which such nuclear power could make happen faster)...

whats wrong with the sun as the garbage disposal?

PLEASE PLEASE ANSWER!!! i REALLY want to hear this

i want you to tell me how we would damage the sun..
or how we would pollute it..

[here is a clue.. you can dump the whole earth into the sun.. and it will go burp, and barely notice]

[and sender thats funny!]

Feb 25, 2010
Just to let you know..
we went with uranium nuclear because we wanted to make BOMBS and thorium nuclear would not really allow that.

MIT tech review

Cleaner Nuclear Power?
Congress pushes for another look at thorium fuel, saying it could reduce the amount of high-level nuclear waste produced by reactors.


i will bet that kuro doesnt know much.. but like most others that doesnt stop him from picking a side and lending a hand based on his FEELINGS

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