Sharp to sell solar power systems applicable to various roofs

Sharp Corp. said Tuesday it will release a home-use solar power generation system in April that can be installed on a wide range of roof shapes with various roof surface areas.

The system has adopted a "Roofit Design" system that enables efficient installation of photovoltaic modules even on small roofs and on roofs with complex shapes, where installation has been difficult with conventional systems, Sharp said.

Among its features, the new device boosts installed system output by an average 24 percent in comparison with Sharp's predecessor model, it said.

Sharp expects the market for residential solar power generation systems to grow greatly in Japan under a government subsidiary program reintroduced in January.

The Osaka-based company will start selling its new system in Tokyo in April when the Tokyo metropolitan government is due to introduce its own subsidy program.

Sharp will offer two types of the new system -- JH-S9L11 and JH-L9L12 with rated power outputs of 2.5 and 3.5 kilowatts, respectively, at suggested retail prices of 247,800 and 313,950 yen.

Monthly production of the JH-S9L11 and JH-L9L12 is projected at 300 and 150 units, respectively.

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