'Light within a light' offers CFL efficiency with incandescent bulb shape

'Light within a light' offers CFL efficiency with incandescent bulb shape
A video clip of General Electric's new Energy Smart CFL bulb, containing a fluorescent bulb in an incandescent-shaped outer bulb. (Commercial bulbs will be frosted, not clear.) Image credit: GE.

(PhysOrg.com) -- In the coming weeks, General Electric will start selling a new "ship in a bottle" lightbulb - a fluorescent spiral bulb trapped inside a traditional incandescent-shaped bulb.

The advantage of the new Energy Smart compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) is that it offers CFL efficiency along with the more aesthetic pleasing appearance of a typical incandescent bulb. The new light has the same size and dimensions of an old 60-watt bulb, which may make it attractive for fixtures in which the bulb is visible, or possibly for inexpensive ceiling fixtures designed to clip on to round bulbs.

"The all-glass design, which I said would be out next year, combines that T2 spiral fluorescent tube with an electronics package contained in the neck of the lamp," John Strainic, GE global product general manager, explains in the video. "So that gives you the profile of an incandescent shape...so it's like building a ship in a bottle."

Strainic said that some very leading-edge patents were used for the process of cutting and resealing the bulb. The final bulbs will be frosted white, so most likely the inner fluorescent spiral won't be visible.

GE plans to make the new bulb available on December 28 at Target, in January at selected Ace Hardware stores, and everywhere else (including Walmart) around Earth Day 2009 (April 22).

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