Pelamis Wave Power: In the Sweet Spot of the Curl for Renewable Energy

Pelamis Wave Power: In the Sweet Spot of the Curl for Renewable Energy
Shetland Composites 7th Prototype for Pelamis - The Joint built by Shetland for testing Pelamis.

The Edinburgh based Pelamis Wave Power Converter has undergone stringest testing over the past ten years before its launch into the commercial market. The project has achieved world-wide attention and created a divided base of support within Scotland.

The Pelamis Wave Power located in Edinburgh, Scotland and recipient of the British Best Renewable Energy Company of 2007 is turning the energy of the ocean waves into renewable power sources. The company began in 1998 by founding developer Dr. Richard Yemm. The goal was to develop and make available in a commercial setting the Pelamis wave energy converter.

Pelamis Wave Power: In the Sweet Spot of the Curl for Renewable Energy
The Prototype Pelamis - Built by Shetland Composites

The term Pelamis assigned by the developers and branded by the company operates like the swimming sea snake it was named after. The Pelamis Wave Energy Converters in use produce are rated at 750 Kw. The Pelamis Wage Energy Converters are arrayed in wave farms similar to the concept developed in wind farm arrangements.

Shetland Composites built the first prototype for testing the efficiency and efficacy of the Pelamis Wave Energy Converter. It was tested at the Firth of the Forth near Edinburgh. It was equipped with data gathering devices and its reduced prototype size allowed the installers greater flexibility in the placement of the floating metal tubing. The tests were a great success and from this point the company has moved leaps and bounds into the commercial market.

Since its inception the company has garnered support from major international energy companies, trusts and financial institutions, including but not limited to Blackrock Merrill Lynch and General Electric. In addition, countries have partnered with Pelamis. As with any world-wide energy commodity, political forces beneath the surface have raised their ugly heads.

Scotland, according to a reliable source is rife with debate on the Scottish technology. The abundant oil deposits, fishing waters and ever present UK taxation weighs heavily in the mind of average Scots. The backers of the new wave energy technology while in agreement on the importance of the renewable energy development differ on the significance of it to reduce the strings that bind Scotland to the UK.

The first wave farm will be launched on a large scale in Portugal. There has been continued testing and refinement of the technology. The UK, France, New Zealand, Spain, Scotland, South Pacific, USA and South Africa are keenly involved in promoting the Pelamis Wave Energy Converter technology. Internal political forces aside and geo-political considerations at the forefront it appears Scotland is in the sweet spot of the curl of the wave.

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