U.S. government to hold LNG forum

The U.S. Department of Energy says it will conduct a public education forum on liquefied natural gas next month to help increase U.S. energy security.

"The Department of Energy's Liquefied Natural Gas Forums will initiate constructive dialogue among community members, local, state, and federal government leaders," said Jeffrey Jarrett, assistant secretary for fossil energy. "This forum is one step, of many, that will help us address and evaluates our energy needs, and increase America's energy security."

The Energy Information Administration estimates the United States will have to increase imports of LNG by more than 600 percent during the next 25 years to fulfill increasing demand for natural gas.

The Houston forum, the fourth in a series, will be open to the public. Questions and comments can be submitted via the internet, on cards to be provided at the event, or in written form by mail to: LNG Forums, Attn: Bob Corbin, 955 L'Enfant Plaza North, S.W., Suite 1500, Washington, D.C. 20024

The first three forums were held in Boston, Los Angeles and Astoria, Ore.

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