Bad air pervades in half of Chinese cities

China said Tuesday air quality is moderately or seriously polluted in nearly half of its cities, with particulate matter being the chief culprit.

Macaws face possible extinction

A U.S. bird expert says one of the world's most colorful birds -- the macaw, the largest member of the parrot family -- is in danger of becoming extinct.

NASA revisiting life on Mars question

NASA scientists in Washington are re-thinking whether they missed life on the Mars when they conducted initial Viking experiments 30 years ago.

U.S. government to hold LNG forum

The U.S. Department of Energy says it will conduct a public education forum on liquefied natural gas next month to help increase U.S. energy security.

Wireless Nanotech Sensors Could Monitor Power Systems 24/7

As electric power this week returned to the last of the homes and businesses in Western New York affected by the devastating October snowstorm, researchers at the University at Buffalo were discussing how tiny, nanoscale ...

Early Bronze Age Mortuary Complex Discovered in Syria

An ancient, untouched Syrian tomb that wowed the archaeological world on its discovery by Johns Hopkins University researchers nearly six years ago has revealed another secret: It is not alone.

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