Sunspot 1302: It's big. It's bad. And it's coming our way

September 26, 2011
Sunspot 1302 has already produced two X-flares (X1.4 on Sept. 22nd and X1.9 on Sept. 24th). Each of the dark cores in this image from SDO is larger than Earth, and the entire active region stretches more than 100,000 km from end to end. The sunspot's magnetic field is currently crackling with sub-X-class flares that could grow into larger eruptions as the sunspot continues to turn toward Earth. Credit: NASA/SDO/HMI

( -- Behemoth sunspot 1302 unleashed another strong flare on Saturday morning--an X1.9-category blast at 5:40 am EDT. NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) recorded the extreme ultraviolet flash.

The movie (below) also shows a shadowy shock wave racing away from the blast site. This is a sign that the blast produced a (CME) that could deliver a glancing blow to Earth's magnetic field on Sept. 26.

Since the X1.9-flare, active region (AR) 1302 has unleashed M8.6 and M7.4 flares on Sept. 24 and an M8.8 flare early on Sept. 25. None of the blasts have been squarely Earth-directed, but this could change as the sunspot turns toward our planet in the days ahead. AR1302 is growing and shows no immediate signs of quieting down.

Explore further: Image: C3-class solar flare erupts on Sept. 8, 2010

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3.9 / 5 (22) Sep 26, 2011
You can literally see the Repulsive Neutrons in this clip, you have to squint like you do watching Japanese videos with the grainy areas.
For sometime I though Japanese women were the victims of IRRuminati Repulsive Neutron experiments that made areas of their bodies look like that in reality, but my studies of "Extreamly Dense Ætherwobbly Theory" has cleared that up, just like the ointment my shaman gave me clear up my rash, why he had to rub it on?
4.1 / 5 (9) Sep 26, 2011
Professor Ian Pilmer
Director of 3 Australian mining companies:
Ivanhoe, CBH Resources and Kefi Minerals.
Appointed chairperson of the board for TNT Mines Limited in 2010.
He is also listed as a director of Australia-based coal gas company Ormil Energy.[9]

In 2008 and 2009, according to a columnist in The Age, Plimer earned over A$400,000 from these interests, and he has mining shares and options worth hundreds of thousands of Australian dollars

has stated that El Niño is caused by earthquakes

Has claimed Pacific island nations are seeing changes in relative sea level not because of global warming but quite commonly due to other factors, such as "vibration consolidating the coral island sands", extraction of water, and extraction of sand for road and air strip making.

His opinions show no sigh of conflict of interest, and he isn't an Illuminati stooge
3.5 / 5 (2) Sep 26, 2011
Alarmists uncontrollable phenomenon politics = WTF
4.6 / 5 (11) Sep 26, 2011
How many reports of abuse are necessary for a ban? (not that it would do any good; just curious)
2.3 / 5 (3) Sep 26, 2011
so i had this friend who had some kind of psychological disorder, it was like paranoid schizophrenia or something. He really thought he had some truth that he had to share with the world, and that other people were really out to get him or hide his truth. In fact he was just a weirdo that nobody really cared about. He kind of drifted around academia hiding in physics departments, until he got addicted to heroin and died.
Some of his research was in sunspots, though, RIP.
1 / 5 (8) Sep 26, 2011
If we get hit by a CME in the next few days you might want to stock up on potable water and shelf stable food. It's good to be prepared because even a week long brown/black out could turn this recession into Armageddon but I for one am not worried, as I embrace change and we need to learn about the possibilities present in our technological lifestyle.

Don't start eating people to survive, seriously, human meat tastes like shit and is probably more toxic than eating garbage. =P
1 / 5 (8) Sep 27, 2011
1.3 / 5 (7) Sep 27, 2011
Professor Ian Pilmer is a recognized scientist, who maybe in the money shower with others.

Are you suggesting, for example, Al Gore, a career populist politician, has no vested interests and has assessments that carry more weight?

You can bet they all line up for a turn in the money shower but the scientist should have more clout than a politician in this particular matter.

1.3 / 5 (16) Sep 27, 2011
Professor Ian Pilmer is a recognized scientist, who maybe in the money shower with others.

Are you suggesting, for example, Al Gore, a career populist politician, has no vested interests and has assessments that carry more weight?

Ian Pilmer, not Al Gore, had the ability to interpret experimental data, like these [1-10]:











Leaders of the scientific community, not politicians, are responsible for the current demise of Western science.

With kind regards,
Oliver K. Manuel

1.1 / 5 (12) Sep 27, 2011
Leaders of the scientific community, not politicians, are responsible for the current demise of Western science.

It is easy to blame politicians for deceiving the public, an art that many politicians have mastered, but . . . .

The sad demise of space and solar science in the West rests squarely on the shoulders of leaders of the US's National Academy of Sciences and the UK's Philosophical Society.

These leaders of science and their armies of talented scientists have the training needed to understand that experimental observations [1-10] above, and neutron repulsion in nuclear rest mass data [11], falsify the claim that Earth's heat source is the stable H-fusion reactor that the Bilderberg group concluded in April of 1967 [12].

11. "Neutron Repulsion", The APEIRON Journal, in press (2011)

12. "The Bilderberg Sun", Solar Physics 3, 5-25 (1968)

5 / 5 (4) Sep 27, 2011
The northern lights were seen last night as far south as Michigan, New York, South Dakota and Maine in the United States, and also from Europe and New Zealand. It was the strongest geomagnetic storm since October 2003.
A HD video of what the northern lights look like during a strong geomagnetic storm as we had yesterday can be seen at
4.5 / 5 (8) Sep 27, 2011
yay, more nonsense conspiracy theories, that makes you look real credible oliver, why would anyone ever doubt your honesty and moral integrity?
1.6 / 5 (7) Sep 29, 2011

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