Sunspot 1283 bristling with flares: An X1.8 and an M6.7

Sunspot 1283 bristling with flares: An X1.8 and an M6.7
An X1.8 flare from Sept. 7, 2011, captured here with by the Atmospheric Imaging Assembly (AIA) on the Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO). Credit: Credit: NASA/SDO/LMSAL/GOES

A third and fourth flare have erupted from sunspot 1283. The third came on September 7 at 6:36 PM ET, and was categorized as an X1.8 by the GOES spacecraft, making it the second X-class flare within 24 hours.

There was a (CME) associated with all three of the recent flares, but none of them are expected to travel directly toward Earth, and the first two were unlikely to cause aurora.

NASA computer models suggest that the latest CME may give a glancing blow to Earth on the morning of September 11, and might create some aurora.

The fourth flare from this same sunspot was detected by GOES at 11:36 AM ET on September 8. This was an M6.7 flare, considered moderate.

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Sep 08, 2011
Great news!

Now show us the line spectra so we can see what's hiding beneath that glowing sphere of waste products we call the photosphere!

Bye, bye SSM and AGW models!

With kind regards,
Oliver K. Manuel
Former NASA Principal
Investigator for Apollo

Sep 08, 2011
More solar flare videos and emission lines of elements from solar flares, e.g.,

May confirm or deny:

a.) Evidence of an iron-rich solar interior [1-5]
b.) The AGW model of Earth's global climate, and
b.) The Bilderberg model of the Sun's constant heat [6].

With kind regards,


1. "Solar abundances", Meteoritics 18 (1983) 20

2. "Isotopic ratios in Jupiter", Meteoritics 33-A97 (1998) 5011

3. "Trans-iron elements in solar energetic particles", APJ 540 (2000) L111

4. "Neutron cross-sections and solar abundances", JRNC (2005) 159

5. "Neutron repulsion", in press (2011)

6. "Bilderberg Sun", Solar Physics 3 (1968) 5

Sep 09, 2011
This web site may help show the spectra of 1283




Sep 09, 2011

The links don't work.

This is extremely important information.

Please send the links to

The information is under discussion many other places today:

1. Black holes


Bye, bye Al Gore!

With kind regards
Oliver K. Manuel

Sep 09, 2011
2. Element synthesis:

3. Global warming:


Today (9/9/11) forty years of deception in science (1971-2011) [1] are melting away faster on than ice in Greenland!


1. "Deep Historical Roots of Climategate" (2011)


Sep 09, 2011
The links intech tried to post are both to the same image
... which has nothing to do with spectra, though it is a cool animation in its own right.

Sep 09, 2011
My inputs:
sun as a source must be linked to fields,Flows and Reflector Concepts-See Cosmology vedas interlinks.
Any protective index helps advisory services.
Many of these aspects are missing or I consider Perception needs to be developed.Time is the essence of knowledge interface.
vidyadhi Nanduri

Sep 09, 2011
Thanks, intech and barakn!

To see the four inner planets (dots) [Mercury (gold), Venus (green), Earth (yellow) and Mars (red)] in the constantly changing web of space weather near the Sun:

Undercuts both:

a.) The AGW model of Earth's climate, and
a.) The SSM model of the Sun as a constant heat source.

Again, thanks!

With kind regards,
Oliver K. Manuel

Sep 13, 2011
See also:

The Sun's pulsar core is not controlled by politicians nor scientists who pretend ability to control or predict Earth's changing climate.

These are illegitimate offspring from the forty (40) year gestation period of a Chinese Dragon fertilized in Peking on 9-11 July 1971:

The pregnancy was hidden more than thirty (>30) years before being cited as footnote #4 in declassified documents on President Nixons trip to China on 21-28 Feb 1972:

President Nixon gave the first public hint in announcing on 5 Jan 1972 plans to dismantle the Apollo space program:


Nixon met USSR leaders on 22-29 May 1972 but gossip at the Lunar Science Conference on 10-13 Jan 1972 that leaders would sign a peace treaty in space while orbiting the world did not materialized.

Oh what a tangled web!

Sep 23, 2011
Sorry just read comments .. the link was from in the archive just add the date 9th September and then hit the enter button and scroll down..

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