Solar camera strap could put an end to dead dSLR batteries

June 29, 2010 by Lin Edwards report

( -- A new concept introduced by Yanko Designs could put an end to dead batteries on photography excursions. The Solar Camera Strap is a sturdy strap to secure the camera and to power it via thin solar panels across the width of the strap.

Most digital SLR cameras are powered by lithium-ion batteries that must be plugged into an when they need to be recharged. If the photographer has no spare, a dead means the end of the photo shoot.

The Solar Camera Strap concept was the brainchild of designer Weng Jie, and consists of a row of tiny flexible solar panels on the strap that enables the camera batteries to be recharging whenever the photographer is shooting in daylight. A storage battery is built into each end of the strap. It is not clear if the solar strap will also be able to charge the battery inside the camera, and it seems likely cameras would need some modification to allow them to be powered by the solar camera strap itself.

Similar devices have been considered in the past, but for more power-hungry devices such as smartphones. A solar camera strap may be more successful since the power requirements for modern cameras are very low.

The strap is only at the concept stage and is not yet available and there is no word on when or if it will ever be commercialized.

Yanko Design is a website focusing on introducing modern designs in a wide range of fields, including interior design, architecture, fashion, and industrial design. Other designs by Weng Jie include “Cornification,” a pillow made of Velcro sweetcorn kernels.

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3 / 5 (1) Jun 29, 2010
I've seen this story repeated a lot over the last week or so. It's hard to speculate without the details, but this probably won't do much good for professional photographers.

Working photographers can easily deplete a battery in an hour or two of use, so this strap would need to be able to recharge the batteries at about the same rate. For me that'd be ~9 volts and ~1 amp, which seems out of reach of this sort of charger.

Photography gear bags with solar panels built in are already on the market and fairly affordable. That seems like a much better route to go, at least to me.
not rated yet Jul 02, 2010
well it deos hold 2 spare batteries in the strap so that is 1-2 hours for inital battery to die , then 1-2 hours for replacement to die, then the coffee break that always lasts an hour no matter how many times 15 minutes is yelles. and finally 1-2 hour for the last batery to die -- and the orignal battery has had 3-4 hours to chrage.

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