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Drill-interseeded cover crops in V3 corn reap benefits

Research published in the journal Weed Science shows that drill-interseeded cover crops into vegetative growth stage 3 (V3) corn performs well in Northeast U.S. production regions. The paper is titled "Light partitioning ...

Global meta-analysis quantifies benefits of cover crop use

For years, both scientists and farmers have debated whether the use of cover crops—plants used to cover the ground after harvesting of main crops—have a positive or negative impact on subsequent crop yield. Hundreds of ...

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A crop is the annual or season's yield of any plant that is grown in significant quantities to be harvested as food, as livestock fodder, fuel, or for any other economic purpose. This category includes crop species as well as agricultural techniques related to cropping.

There are many types of crops that are used for industrial purposes. For example, crops are grown and harvested for the sole purpose of making profit and feeding people, as they are grown in large amounts in a certain area suitable for growing crops.

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