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Machine learning can reduce worry about nanoparticles in food

While crop yield has achieved a substantial boost from nanotechnology in recent years, alarms over the health risks posed by nanoparticles within fresh produce and grains have also increased. In particular, nanoparticles ...

Ancient volcanic eruption destroyed the ozone layer

A catastrophic drop in atmospheric ozone levels around the tropics is likely to have contributed to a bottleneck in the human population around 60 to 100,000 years ago, an international research team has suggested. The ozone ...

Gene research on brassicas provides potential for making better crops

Scientists have used gene technology to understand more about the make-up of the evolution of brassicas—paving the way for bigger and more climate resilient yields from this group of crops that have been grown for thousands ...

Invasive species costing Africa $3.66 tn a year: study

Invasive species introduced by human activity are costing African agriculture some $3.66 trillion every year—around 1.5 times the combined gross domestic product of all African countries—new research showed Thursday.

Standardizing efficiency estimates for crop nitrogen use

Assistant Prof. Quan Zhi and Prof. Fang Yunting from the Stable Isotope Ecology Research Group of the Institute of Applied Ecology at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, cooperated with researchers at the University of Maryland, ...

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A crop is the annual or season's yield of any plant that is grown in significant quantities to be harvested as food, as livestock fodder, fuel, or for any other economic purpose. This category includes crop species as well as agricultural techniques related to cropping.

There are many types of crops that are used for industrial purposes. For example, crops are grown and harvested for the sole purpose of making profit and feeding people, as they are grown in large amounts in a certain area suitable for growing crops.

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