IAEA urges Japan to take ample time in Fukushima cleanup

The International Atomic Energy Agency urged Japan on Thursday to spend ample time in developing a decommissioning plan for the tsunami-damaged Fukushima nuclear power plant and to be honest with the public about remaining uncertainties.

In a report based on a visit by an IAEA team to the plant in November, the agency urged the operator, Tokyo Electric Power Co., to secure adequate space and finish plans for managing highly radioactive melted fuel before starting to remove it from the three damaged reactors.

The cores of the three reactors melted after a massive 2011 earthquake and tsunami. Utility and government officials plan to start removing the melted fuel in 2021, but still know little about its condition and have not finalized waste management plans.

"The IAEA review team advises that before the commencement of the fuel debris retrieval activities, there should be a clear implementation plan defined to safely manage the retrieved material," the report said. "TEPCO should ensure that appropriate containers and storage capacity are available before starting the fuel debris retrieval."

The report also urged the government and TEPCO to carefully consider ways to express "the inherent uncertainties involved" in the project and develop "a credible plan" for the long term. It advised TEPCO to consider adopting contingency plans to "accommodate any schedule delays."

Dale Klein, a former U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission chairman who heads a TEPCO reform committee, said in a recent interview that the decommissioning should not be rushed, even if the government and TEPCO have set a schedule and people want to see it move faster.

"It's much better to do it right than do it fast," he said, adding that it's also good not to rush from a health and safety perspective. "Clearly, the longer you wait, the less the radiation is."

He said he would be "astounded" if the current schedule ends up unchanged.

In order to make room in the plant compound to safely store the melted fuel and for other needed facilities, about 1 million tons of radioactive waste water currently stored in hundreds of tanks will have to be removed. The IAEA team, headed by Xerri Christoph, an expert on radioactive waste, urged the government and TEPCO to urgently decide how to dispose of it.

Nuclear experts, including officials at the IAEA and Japanese Nuclear Regulation Authority, have said a controlled release of the water into the Pacific Ocean is the only realistic option. A release, however, is unlikely until after the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games in order to avoid concerns among visitors from overseas.

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IAEA urges quick plan on Fukushima radioactive water cleanup

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Jan 31, 2019
We will send Willie to them.

Feb 01, 2019
Japan should clean up all their volcanoes.
In a single eruption, a volcano can release as much radioactive material as all nuclear weapons, as well polonium-210 worse than cesium-137 and protactinium-231 equivalent to plutonium-239 in terms of toxicity.

Feb 01, 2019
..Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games..
People take more radiation during a commercial flight than visiting Chernobyl or Fukushima.
"EXTRA #60Mins | While on a flight from Japan to London, while filming his report on nuclear power, @TomSteinfort recorded radiation levels 50 times higher than our capital cities..."
"...Fukushima ... radioactivity ... comparable with other major cities... New York and Singapore."

"German Olympians will be exposed to up to 0.1 mSv additional radiation dose due to air travel. 2 months of sleeping outdoors in Fukushima will add a dose of 0.2 mSv based on the average readings. Athletes could experience over 4x dose if they fly home between events."
Radiophobic Chickens are exposed to more radiation from their bodies(potassium-40) than Fukushima.

Feb 01, 2019
How many meltdowns at Fukushima, Willie?
Weren't they supposed to be impossible with "defense in depth"?

Feb 02, 2019
"Even the worst nuclear accidents result in far fewer deaths than the normal operation of fossil fuel power plants."

By providing "greenwashing" (decorative facade) for coal/oil/gas in order to displace carbon-free nuclear energy,
intermittent renewables are as deadly and dirty as fossil fuels.

Feb 02, 2019
Let's send Willie!!'' He thinks radiation is good for you, . . . if you are a cancer cell.

Feb 04, 2019
...radiation is good for you...
"It's now also recognised by UNSCEAR that wind and solar energy are resulting in significant radiation exposure."
"The solar and wind fuel cycles emit considerably more radiation (mainly from mining rare earth metals) than the nuclear fuel cycle"
"Exposure to radiation kills more people working in the solar industry than in nuclear power."
"Surprisingly, the larger exposures due to the installation of electrical power plants are caused by the installation of solar and wind plants, which results from the use of rare earth minerals and estimates of occupational exposures for their mining." - Sep 2018

Feb 04, 2019
This is YOUR mess, Willie.

You pro-nukers clean it up.

Feb 04, 2019
You basically got two options:

1. Launch it into the Sun. Very expensive; even moreso if you try to send it anyplace else in the Solar System.
2. Build TWR reactors and burn it up. Being part of the fuel stream it becomes part of the solution instead of part of the problem, and can be written off.

Your call.

Feb 04, 2019
I'm going with "dumping it in the Pacific" isn't gonna work out well for them.

Just sayin'.

Feb 04, 2019
Nukes are dead, killed by economics and reality.

Maybe Willie should switch to defending dirty coal.

Feb 04, 2019
Who's dumb enough to vote against burning up the nuclear waste?


Feb 04, 2019
It is just another promise which will contaminate more equipment and land.

Feb 04, 2019
...Launch it into the Sun...
95% of waste is Uranium-238 which came from nature; it is less toxic than lead and mercury found in nature, and arsenides and other chemical carcinogens present in solar panels that never lose their toxicity with time, worse than asbestos. The remaining highly radioactive byproducts are highly valuable for nuclear medicine(radiotherapy) in the fight against cancer and other diseases.
"Fun fact: the average person eats (and poops) about a microgram of Uranium each day!"
What is the problem in sending U-238 back to nature?

Feb 04, 2019
What is the problem in sending U-238 back to nature?

See everyone - nuclear power plants are benign. They don't produce any toxic - radio active waste. Trust Willie - would he steer you wrong?

All those billions being spent around the world to safely store radio active waste - are just fake news.
DOE reported at the end of fiscal year 2016 that the federal government has paid industry about 6.1 billion in damages and has projected future liabilities at about $24.7 billion. Each year of delay adds about $500 million to federal liabilities

But hey - don't suggest a penny for supporting renewable energy - leftist/socialist/communist liberal blood suckers!!!!

Feb 04, 2019

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