ABC News streaming live on Roku

ABC News is available as a streaming channel on Roku, executives said Monday.

The network's continued expansion into streaming services will bring millions of Roku users live video and on-demand content, historical footage and from several markets. During breaking news, Roku viewers will have live access to multiple content streams, ABC said.

"Roku is a leading streaming platform, with more than 10 million players sold across the U.S., and we're thrilled to have ABC News live on the Roku platform today," Colby Smith, of digital for ABC News, said in a memo to employees.

California-based Roku offers a streaming platform that connects to TVs, facilitating the growing trend of cord-cutting, in which consumers bypass cable and satellite providers to watch online video content. The Roku 3 device sells for $89 on Amazon.

ABC News launched on Apple TV, a competing streaming platform, in June 2014. Last month, the service was expanded internationally to more than 100 countries, with viewership on the device "practically doubling overnight," according to Smith.

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