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Is Amazon getting too big?

When Amazon made a bid for Whole Foods earlier this month, a company that's been a huge but largely online presence for consumers suddenly seemed to be everywhere, raising the question, "Is it getting too big?"

dateJun 26, 2017 in Business
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Tesla eyes manufacturing in China

Tesla said Thursday it was considering the possibility of manufacturing in China as it ramps up for expansion of its line of electric-powered cars.

dateJun 22, 2017 in Business
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Foxconn founder: US expansion might top $10 billion

The chairman of Taiwanese electronics giant Foxconn said Thursday it may spend more than $10 billion to set up manufacturing in the United States, and will announce investment plans by early August for at least three states.

dateJun 22, 2017 in Business
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Taiwan's Foxconn says Toshiba deal 'not over'

The head of Taiwan's tech giant Foxconn said Thursday its pursuit of Toshiba "is not yet over", a day after the Japanese firm announced it preferred another group of bidders to acquire its prized chip business.

dateJun 22, 2017 in Business
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Toshiba chooses US-Japan bidder for memory chip biz sale

Money-losing Toshiba Corp. said Wednesday that it has chosen a U.S.-Japan consortium as the preferred bidder in the sale of its lucrative memory chip business, but hurdles remain as an American joint-venture partner is opposing ...

Grocers facing a united Amazon-Whole Foods must adapt

Grocers trying to compete with the threat of a combined Amazon and Whole Foods will have to make their stores more appealing, leverage their locations to offer delivery and do a better job of collecting shopper data. They ...

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