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Low-cost mobile carrier CEO finds his calling

The gig: David Glickman, 51, is co-founder and chief executive of Ultra Mobile, a prepaid mobile carrier that provides low-cost, no-contract SIM cards with a focus on immigrants living in the U.S. The company, headquartered ...

dateFeb 17, 2017 in Business
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Softbank adds Fortress Investment to growing empire

The $3.3 billion acquisition by SoftBank Group Corp., the Japanese telecommunications, internet and solar energy giant, of Fortress Investment Group marks tycoon Masayoshi Son's latest step in building an investment empire.

dateFeb 15, 2017 in Business
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Nokia sues Apple for patent infringement

Nokia announced Wednesday it is suing Apple in German and US courts for patent infringement, claiming the US tech giant was using Nokia technology in "many" products without paying for it.

Car giants see road to riches in sharing

Auto giants are racing to invest in car- and ride-sharing services, lured by the prospect of fat profits yet to be tapped from a billion cars on the world's roads.

Google empire built on search looks to other bets

A Google empire built on search shifted attention on Thursday to high-speed Internet networks, 360-degree video broadcasting and "other bets" as parent company Alphabet logged disappointing earnings.

EU anti-trust chief targets Google's Android

The EU's top anti-trust chief Margrethe Vestager said Monday she was taking aim at Google's Android mobile phone platform in a potentially major setback for the Silicon Valley giant.

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