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Chinese consumers smash 'Singles' Day' shopping record

Chinese shoppers set new records for spending during the annual "Singles' Day" buying spree despite an economic slowdown and worries over the US trade war, with state media calling it a sign of China's rising economic strength.

A Whole New World: Disney streaming debuts with hit brands

Disney will sprinkle its pixie dust on the streaming arena Tuesday, as its Disney Plus service debuts with an arsenal of marquee franchises including Marvel and Star Wars, original series with a built-in fan base and a cheap ...

Adidas shifts German, US smart factories to Asia

Sportswear maker Adidas announced Monday it was closing two niche but flagship factories in Germany and the United States that use robots and 4D printing to make sneakers, shifting the manufacturing to cheaper Asian factories ...

Chinese e-commerce giants report booming Singles Day sales

Chinese e-commerce giants Alibaba and reported a total of more than $50 billion in sales on Monday in the first half of Singles Day, an annual marketing event that is the world's busiest online shopping day.

Top antitrust enforcer warns Big Tech over data collection

The Justice Department's top antitrust official warned Big Tech companies Friday that the government could pursue them for anticompetitive behavior related to their troves of user data, including for cutting off data access ...

German crew stage demo on second day of Lufthansa strike

Hundreds of Lufthansa flights were cancelled Friday as a strike by German cabin crew stretched into a second day, with workers staging a noisy rally to push their demands for better pay and conditions.

German cabin crew kick off 'massive' Lufthansa strike

Tens of thousands of Lufthansa passengers faced disruptions Thursday as cabin crew in Germany staged a "massive" 48-hour walkout in the biggest escalation yet of a bitter row over pay and conditions.

HP says it has received a 'proposal' from Xerox

Computer and printer maker HP Inc. said Wednesday it had received a "proposal" from copier maker Xerox and has had conversations "from time to time" with the company about a potential business combination.

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