Nortal and VTT start cooperation in the fast-growing big data market

Software development solutions provider Nortal and VTT will begin developing advanced practical solutions for analysis of large amounts of data, known as big data, targeted at industrial companies. The global big data market is expected to undergo annual growth of up to 27 per cent.

VTT and Nortal see rising potential in big data technologies, and extensive customer interest both at home and abroad. The potent combination of research and rapid business evolution will give the two companies an effective way of serving their customers in the development of digitalised businesses.

Both see the anticipated strong market growth as the starting point for the creation of a new kind of technology architecture, one that will allow digital services to be based on a variety of aspects drawn rapidly, even in real time, from a vast amount of data.

Nortal is a software development solutions provider focusing on industry, with expertise in gathering large amounts of data using the Apache Hadoop platform, supplied by partner Hortonworks. The company also has experience in gathering analysis results, reporting and visualisation for both private and public sector customers.

"This cooperation will strengthen our big data offering and know-how even further. With the support of VTT and Hortonworks, Nortal will be capable of offering and delivering a comprehensive Big Data solution, ranging from data collection right through to visualisation. With the world in sore need of specialists in the analytics of large amounts of data, we are delighted to have VTT as our partner," says Timo A. Rantanen, Nortal Business Area Director.

VTT will be focusing on advanced data analytics and management of large masses of information.

"VTT is a pioneer in real-time data analytics. Our new strategy also emphasises exploiting large amounts of data in the industrial internet. We consider it vital that consolidation of our high-level technological research takes place alongside the customer's business. Cooperation with Nortal also gives VTT an opportunity to identify new research challenges," says Tuomo Tuikka, Head of Research at VTT's Digital Systems and Services.

The parties see a growing number of opportunities in big data technologies, as well as burgeoning customer interest at home and abroad. By combining research with rapidly evolving business, Nortal and VTT will be working together to best serve their customers in digitalised business development.

The major transition now under way is driven by the progress in business digitalisation and the industrial internet. The business benefits are being sought from services related to information processing.

Today's Internet carries more data in one second than was contained in the entire Internet of 20 years ago. On average, business connected with big data is expected to grow six times faster than the ICT market. Research firm IDC estimates that the market will grow annually by 27 per cent, which by 2017 would give it a value in the order of USD 32 billion.

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