GM joins call for US action on climate change

May 1, 2013
A Chevrolet Volt sits on the display floor at the Chicago Auto Show on February 7, 2012. General Motors, the largest US automaker, on Wednesday joined a call for the United States to take greater action on climate change as it said that environmental concerns were critical for business.

General Motors, the largest US automaker, on Wednesday joined a call for the United States to take greater action on climate change as it said that environmental concerns were critical for business.

General Motors became the first automaker among 40 US companies in a joint appeal for policymakers in Washington to lead a "coordinated effort" against climate change, after the failure of earlier legislative proposals.

"We want to be a change agent in the auto industry," Mike Robinson, GM vice president of sustainability and global regulatory affairs, said in a statement.

GM is the maker of the , the first electric plug-in car on the US market, and has set company-wide goals that includes reducing energy intensity by 20 percent over the decade to 2020.

The stance marks a turnaround. Detroit's Big Three long protested and produced gas-guzzling trucks and sports utility vehicles as their Japanese competitors made inroads with eco-friendly cars.

The so-called Climate Declaration, launched in April, also includes major companies such as online retailer , tech giant Intel, coffee leader Starbucks and numerous makers of sportswear.

The declaration warns that climate change is a real threat and urges action so that the United States can "remain a true superpower in a competitive world," although it does not endorse specific proposals.

President has vowed new efforts by the world's largest economy to reduce emissions of blamed for the planet's rising temperatures and increasingly frequent disasters.

Efforts for nationwide restrictions on emissions have failed in Congress, with lawmakers of the rival Republican Party questioning the science behind climate change and saying that action would be too costly.

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1.7 / 5 (11) May 01, 2013
The declaration warns that climate change is a real threat

It would be more accurate to say that poor sales of the Volt is a real threat to GM's bottom line, and climate change is a handy way to boost sales and improve their image.
1.4 / 5 (9) May 01, 2013
Of course, having the unions, Obama's biggest financial backer, owning the company after getting a sweetheart deal and taking no cuts at all while the secured bondholders got screwed in a bankruptcy proceeding that broke all legal precedents, has absolutely nothing to do with this. You see, leftists, with their loving intentions and hearts of pure gold, are never influenced by politics or self-interest like those evil capitalist-roaders.
1.7 / 5 (3) May 02, 2013
Remember Saturn and EV1, 25 to 30 years ago? General Motors know how, and could build electric and high efficiency cars! They decided not to go that way, not to invest money in research, not to compete with European or Japanese car maker, but to lobby American politics and to push those idiot's SUV, built with the same frame and the same 8v gas-guzzler motor of the past. That was not a political action? Fanatic capitalist, how do you judge those managers that thought only to fill up their pockets and ruined (without Obama and the Unions General Motors would be CLOSED and dismembered) their company?
1 / 5 (6) May 02, 2013
It's a good way to be guaranteed public funded money. That's the only way to make money these days.
1 / 5 (7) May 06, 2013
"WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The Treasury will begin another round of sales for General Motor stock acquired during the government's bailout of the auto sector, the department said on Monday.

"We are pleased with the progress to date and will continue exiting this investment in accordance with our previously announced plan and timetable, and in a manner that maximizes returns for taxpayers," said Tim Massad, Treasury assistant secretary for financial stability, in a statement."

Govt to GM: you support AGW and we will let you have more of your company
2.3 / 5 (4) May 06, 2013
The proper behaviour of the government with GM should have been to jail the managers and nationalize the company!
1.4 / 5 (7) May 06, 2013
The proper behaviour of the government with GM should have been to jail the managers and nationalize the company!

GM should have followed standard bankruptcy laws with no govt interference. The company did go bankrupt after the bailout of the unions.
2.8 / 5 (4) May 06, 2013
Please open your mind, don't came here repeating FoxNews lyes. How could the unions have so much shares of the company if it was a profitable one? If you have a profitable company you can easily find money by selling extra shares in the stock market! And why a giant like GM becomes a half-ruined company? Did the managers choose the right strategy? Did they deserved their million dollar pay or, better, a long jail period? And your solution is bancaruptcy! It means selling some of the last good company of GM group, close the bad ones and fire some million workers. After that you ends, in the best case, with a much smaller group and, in the worst case with no GM at all. What a genius!
5 / 5 (3) May 07, 2013
A Electrical Engineering professor friend of mine has told me, the Volt is the best engineered car that he has ever seen. I took a test drive in one and was just blown away the pep and energy the car had. Acceleration is just mind blowing. There is no rev-up. It just goes; great engine, great millage, great electric, great style. 4.0/4.0.
If you drive 40 to 70 miles a day, you will love this car. It's a life style change!

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