Toshiba plans rollout of entire-home battery system

Toshiba plans rollout of entire-home battery system

(—Japan's residents well know the difficulties of power outages; unsurprisingly, efforts toward smarter solutions for backup power options are top priority for R&D at companies like Toshiba. The company plans to roll out a home storage battery system that can keep appliances running for a good part of the day. Toshiba Corp and Toshiba Lighting and Technology Corp have developed a storage battery system that makes use of the company's technology for rechargeable batteries. The system is called eneGoon, and it can do the work in the event of a power shortage to power up the gamut of frequently used household appliances Toshiba says eneGoon can powering a home dweller's refrigerator, TV, PC, and lights for 12 hours on a full charge.

More specifically, on a full charge, the Toshiba system is reportedly capable of powering lighting equipment (100W), refrigerator (160W), TV (150W) and personal computer (30W) for about 12 hours. Recharging takes about five hours. A rapid-charge mode cuts it down to two hours. The output power of the eneGoon is 3.0kVA, which Toshiba claims is the highest output power of a home-use electricity storage system in the industry The system's key component is Toshiba's "SCiB" lithium-ion rechargeable battery which has a capacity of 6.6kWh, considered relatively high for a home .

Since 2010, Toshiba has promoted its ability to put battery technology on the fast track with the SCiB, a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. The company says its advantages include minimal capacity loss, a high level of safety, and long life of more than 6,000 charge-discharge cycles, along with high power output performance.

Toshiba Lighting and Technology will launch eneGoon in November in .

There was no information on pricing at the time of this writing. According to Tech-On, the eneGoon's maximum power output is 3.0kVA and it can appliances up to 200V. The product is going to appear in November in Japan but that does not deter outsiders from taking an interested look at what Toshiba has developed, at a time when better solutions for storage batteries that can cost less and do more, longer, are goals everywhere.

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