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Materials Science news

New membranes deliver clean water more efficiently

Researchers from the Melbourne School of Engineering at the University of Melbourne, in conjunction with CSIRO, have developed new membranes or micro-filters that will result in clean water in a much more ...

Searching for the perfect chemical

Researchers at the University of Stavanger have taken on a nearly impossible task. With support from Total E&P Norge AS, they will attempt to develop new chemicals that combat scaling better than any substance ...

Metal oxidation controlled by atomic surface steps

Rust never sleeps. Whether a reference to the 1979 Neil Young album or a product designed to protect metal surfaces, the phrase invokes the idea that corrosion from oxidation—the more general chemical name ...

Rare-earth innovation to improve nylon manufacturing

The Critical Materials Institute, a U.S. Department of Energy Innovation Hub, has created a new chemical process that makes use of the widely available rare-earth metal cerium to improve the manufacture of ...

From graphene hydrogels to high-performance anodes

How can the electrodes of batteries be made more efficient? In the journal Angewandte Chemie, American scientists describe a powerful approach that uses solvated graphene frameworks as the anode material. Assemb ...

How green tea could help improve MRIs

Green tea's popularity has grown quickly in recent years. Its fans can drink it, enjoy its flavor in their ice cream and slather it on their skin with lotions infused with it. Now, the tea could have a new, ...

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