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Materials Science news

Study finds the origin of 'odd-even' effects

(—The most intriguing property of nano-scale organic devices is their tunability. Their properties can be tweaked by changing the organic structure. There have been several studies exploring the organic structure ...

Solar battery receives 20% of its energy from the sun

(—Last October, researchers at Ohio State demonstrated the world's first solar battery—a solar cell and a lithium-oxygen (Li-O2) battery combined into a single device. The main attraction of the solar battery ...

New method can make cheaper solar energy storage
Aluminum clusters shut down molecular fuel factory
New inorganic aromatic ion
Substrates change nanoparticle reactivity
X-ray imaging reveals secrets in battery materials
New chemistry makes strong bonds weak
How to look for a few good catalysts
General principles to explain DNA brick self-assembly
Yarn from slaughterhouse waste
Making polymers from a greenhouse gas
An elusive molecule—finally revealed

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