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Directly visualizing hydrogen bonds

Using a newly developed, ultrafast femtosecond infrared light source, chemists at the University of Chicago have been able to directly visualize the coordinated vibrations between hydrogen-bonded molecules—the ...

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New approach to form non-equilibrium structures

Chemists develop novel catalyst with two functions

Chemists at the Ruhr-Universität Bochum have made a decisive step towards more cost-efficient regenerative fuel cells and rechargeable metal-air batteries. They developed a new type of catalyst on the basis ...

Adding water increases effectiveness of sunscreen

Researchers at the University of Amsterdam have established that a common protective ingredient in sunscreens reacts differently to UV radiation than previously assumed. This leads to a decreasing efficacy and might induce ...

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Toward a new way to keep electronics from overheating

Computer technology has transformed the way we live, but as consumers expect ever more from their devices at faster speeds, personal computers as well as larger electronic systems can overheat. This can cause ...

Safer substitute for lead azide

Lead azide, which is toxic, is a basic component of munitions and detonators. LMU chemists have now synthesized a novel primary explosive that contains no lead.

UH chemical engineer makes device fabrication easier

Have you ever wondered how the tiny components and devices inside your cell phone are made? The devices inside your phone and computer, such as integrated circuits, microprocessors and memory chips, are made ...

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