How intermittent feedback drives consumer impatience

Researchers from Fudan University's School of Management have published a new paper in the Journal of Consumer Psychology that provides original insights about the impact different types of feedback consumers have on consumers' ...

Closing the loop on circular economics

Many of us are looking for ways to make our lives and activities more sustainable and reduce the amount of waste we generate. One way to achieve these goals is by embracing the concept of a circular economy. In a circular ...

Report explores role of dollar stores in food landscape

A market for an expanded grocery selection at dollar stores potentially exists, especially with consumers who live less than 10 minutes away, according to data reported in the April Consumer Food Insights report.

Researchers outline steps to keep shelves stocked in crises

We all remember 2020. At the grocery store, toilet paper shelves were empty. Cleaning supplies and disinfectants were treasured finds. Rattled consumers, concerned that they would run out of essential items, swiftly stockpiled ...

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Consumer is a broad label that refers to any individuals or households that use goods and services generated within the economy. The concept of a consumer is used in different contexts, so that the usage and significance of the term may vary.

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