Boeing dealing with second software problem on troubled jet

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Boeing has found another software issue that needs fixing on its 737 Max jets, and the discovery explains why the aircraft maker is delaying its schedule for getting the planes back in the air.

A Boeing spokesman on Friday called it a "relatively minor issue" and said the plane maker already has a fix in the works.

The spokesman, Charles Bickers, said the latest issue is not part of flight-control that Boeing has been working to upgrade for months.

That software, known by its acronym MCAS, is suspected in two recent deadly crashes in Indonesia and Ethiopia that led regulators to ground the worldwide last month.

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Apr 05, 2019
How did this plane get its air worthy certificate?
These are simple failures to find
Simple but fatal

Apr 06, 2019
What rankles the most is that such industries 'penny pinch' so much that they don't exhaustively test (in simulators, in the field) for full ramifications that software changes/introductions might produce in any/all foreseeable situations involving landing/takeoff and unusual interplay between automatic pilot and cabin crew inputs etc.

The most galling thing to shareholders should be that while they may save pennies on less testing at introduction/long after in the field, they are INEVITABLY faced with LOSING BILLIONS even if only ONE incident like this arises due to insufficient money invested in TESTING so as to AVOID even ONE such catastrophe.

Two old sayings:

1) A stitch in time saves nine.

2) Penny wise; Pound foolish.

The race for maximum profit at minimal investment in safety reliability has produced many disasters/bankruptcies and shareholder losses (not to mention LIVES lost) because the INDUSTRY, REGULATORS, SHAREHOLDERS have FORGOTTEN those old, wise sayings.

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