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Pandemic gives Dubai chance to put tech to the test

From smart police helmets to research labs, the novel coronavirus has given Dubai an opportunity to test its technological and scientific clout as it shapes its approach to the pandemic.

Lawmakers: FAA certification of new planes needs an overhaul

The Federal Aviation Administration outlined steps to change how it approves new passenger planes, but lawmakers said they will push ahead with legislation to change the current system that lets aircraft makers including ...

Return to work at the office? Energy workers say 'not so fast'

As Texas and other states begin to reopen retail and other businesses, workers who have been working from home—for some, for seven weeks or longer—face the prospect of returning to corporate offices and business workplaces. ...

California COVID-19 traffic report finds silver lining

Traffic accidents and crash-related injuries and deaths were reduced by half during the first three weeks of California's shelter-in-place order, which began March 20. The reductions save the state an estimated $40 million ...

How technology is tackling virus-induced isolation in Norway

Widower Per Leif Rolid lives alone on his farm, a two-hour drive from Oslo. His sense of isolation has mounted with the COVID-19 pandemic, but a simple screen is helping him stay in touch—without requiring any computer ...

Report: Pilots restarted software, causing fatal nosedive

Ethiopian investigators are mostly blaming Boeing for last year's crash of a Ethiopian Airlines jet shortly after takeoff, saying in an interim report Monday that there were design failures in the jet and inadequate training ...

Ethiopia report blames jet crash mostly on Boeing software

Ethiopian investigators are mostly blaming Boeing for last year's crash of a 737 Max jet shortly after takeoff, saying in an interim report Monday that there were design failures and inadequate training for pilots.

Report from Ethiopia expected this week in Boeing Max crash

When air safety investigators release an interim report on the crash of an Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 737 Max sometime before Tuesday, they are likely to place the blame on the jet's automated flight control system as well ...

US, China clash over head of UN intellectual property agency

Dozens of countries are voting Wednesday in a pivotal phase of an election to choose the next head of the U.N.'s intellectual property agency, a contest for a key post in the Digital Age that has pit the United States against ...

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