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Database shines a bright light on Washington lobbying

Follow the money. It's a famous phrase from the Watergate era, but it applies to everyday life in modern Washington as well. That advice just got easier for everyone to carry out, thanks to the launch of, a ...

dateSep 13, 2018 in Other
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Army researchers provide insights on offering feedback

A collaborative research project between Army researchers and academia has led to a best paper award at the 2018 Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, or IEEE, Conference on Cognitive and Computational Aspects ...

dateSep 05, 2018 in Other
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Lack of funding leaves world's roads in disrepair

In an age of austerity and budget cutbacks, the deadly bridge collapse in Genoa, Italy, has put the spotlight clearly on the lack of public funding for road networks across the globe, from France and Germany, to the United ...

dateAug 17, 2018 in Other
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The growing gap between physical and social technologies

The word "technology," from the Greek techne, usually evokes physical technologies like artificial intelligence, swarm robots, and the like. But there's an older meaning. By Jacob Bigelow's 1829 definition, technology can ...

dateAug 01, 2018 in Other
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In support of 'organic' management, more living than digital

One of the main features of continuing digitalisation and the development of artificial intelligence – currently claimed to be the only and inevitable means of "progress" in the future – is the desire to conquer and "ideologically" ...

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