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Sudden turbulence that injured dozens is hard to predict

Passengers on a flight from Canada to Australia said they had no warning about turbulence that suddenly slammed people into the ceiling of the plane and injured more than three dozen—a phenomenon that experts say can be ...

Ridehailing services may be driving up traffic deaths

While the era of app-based ridehailing services, such as Uber and Lyft, has been credited with keeping more impaired drivers off the road, increasing job opportunities and offering new levels of convenience, it is also linked ...

We subscribe to movies and music, why not transport?

Many mainstays in our lives—phones, personal music libraries and movies—began as pay-as-you-go services. But subscription services are starting to rule, from iTunes shifting to Apple Music, and "all-you-can-watch" subscriptions ...

Boeing shares hit as FAA finds new 737 MAX issue

Shares of Boeing tumbled Thursday, a day after US regulators identified a new issue in the Boeing 737 MAX that will likely slow the plane's return to service following two deadly crashes.

Benin leaps into 21st century with new national map

The last time that cartographers mapped Benin, Elvis Presley had just released "Jailhouse Rock," the Soviets had launched Sputnik—and the country was still a colony named French Dahomey.

Airline group advocates more training for Boeing 737 Max

A trade group representing hundreds of airlines is renewing its push for additional pilot training and coordination among global aviation regulators to ensure that the Boeing 737 Max is safe before it is allowed to fly again ...

US FAA: Boeing must address new issue on 737 MAX

US regulators said Wednesday Boeing must address a new "potential risk" in the Boeing 737 MAX, further clouding the timeframe for resuming service on the planes after two deadly crashes.

Skin deep: Japan's 'washi' paper torn by modern life

Once an indispensable part of daily life in Japan, ultra-thin washi paper was used for everything from writing and painting to lampshades, umbrellas, and sliding doors, but demand has plunged as lifestyles have become more ...

Pilots criticize Boeing for mistakes on its grounded jet

Airline union leaders and a famed former airline pilot said Wednesday that Boeing made mistakes while developing the 737 Max, and the biggest was not telling anybody about new flight-control software so that pilots could ...

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