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New higher-speed Florida train has highest US death rate

After Richard Branson announced his Virgin Group would partner with Brightline, Florida's new higher-speed passenger rail service, a train whisked the British billionaire, VIPs and journalists from Miami to West Palm Beach ...

Tokyo's main Olympic stadium ready to fight heat

Construction of the $1.4 billion main Tokyo Olympic venue has officially completed, constructors said on Saturday, and is set to fight excessive heat with a nature-inspired design.

Berlin airport to open in 2020 after nine-year delay

Berlin's new international airport is set to open on October 31, 2020, its operating company said Friday, after an embarrassing nine-year delay owing to structural problems and corruption.

Fuselage of new Boeing 777X ruptured in pressure tests

The fuselage of one of Boeing's new 777X aircraft completely ruptured in pressure tests in September, a previously unreported major setback that could delay the arrival of the long-haul jet to global skies, AFP has learned ...

Tracking the eye of the pilot

In a collaboration with Swiss International Air Lines, NASA and other partners, researchers at ETH Zurich have developed eye-tracking software for use in pilot training. This allows instructors to analyze the gaze behavior ...

Boeing CEO grilled on Capitol Hill after MAX crashes

Boeing chief executive Dennis Muilenburg faced a barrage of criticism from US lawmakers Tuesday at a jammed hearing on the company's commitment to safety as family members of victims of two deadly MAX 737 crashes looked on.

Airbus A220s ordered to slow down over engine incidents

The Airbus A220 should no longer use full power at high altitudes, Canadian and European air safety regulators have announced following several incidents with their engines, including one in which pieces came off in-flight.

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