Ash from Alaska volcano prompts aviation warning

An active Alaska volcano is ramping up, spewing ash emissions nearly 3 miles (5 kilometers) into the air.

Alaska Volcano Observatory scientists said Wednesday that overnight ash emissions from Mount Veniaminof (VEN'-ee-ah-mean-off) generated an ash plume that drifted more than 150 miles (241 kilometers) to the southeast.

The community of Perryville is about 25 miles (40 kilometers) south of the . Geophysicist Dave Schneider, who is based in Anchorage, says there have been no immediate reports of ash falling in Perryville.

The prompted an aviation warning. Schneider says that level of emissions would affect mostly smaller aircraft. Ash above 20,000 feet (6,100 meters) could threaten jet airplanes.

Veniaminof is 480 miles (772 kilometers) southwest of Anchorage on the Alaska Peninsula. It became active again in early September.

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