Microsoft to invest $40 million in AI technology for humanitarian issues

Microsoft will invest $40 million to apply artificial intelligence to humanitarian issues, the company said Monday, the third program in a previously announced series of AI initiatives.

The , AI for Humanitarian Action, follows a $50 million pledge in AI for Earth and a $25 million investment in AI for Accessibility.

The humanitarian will focus on disaster-response issues, needs of children across the world, issues affecting refugees and the broad category of human rights.

Microsoft plans to invest the $40 million over the next five years through grants to nongovernmental organizations and other groups, as well as through technology licenses, training and other resources.

"We are optimistic that AI for Humanitarian Action will accelerate the pace of innovation by managing strategic AI projects that demonstrate new applications, delivering reusable solutions and partnering with others to expand and scale initial projects," Microsoft President Brad Smith wrote in a blog post announcing the news.

The company launched its three-part AI for Good initiative last year, and the humanitarian program completes the $115 million commitment it made.

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